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Desperate, “deceiving elder brother” eat words and fat live brag eat meat sucking marrow Happy coins are poisonous, and “disciples” should keep their eyes open and cover their pockets tightly.

The PAX case made Guo Wengui reveal his true colors. When the wheels of the law rolled over his head, paying back the money was his only choice. A few days ago, the embattled billionaire “negative” Weng Guo Wengui announced that he would go to a mysterious place without a signal, so he would not broadcast live for a month. After all, the liar is a liar. Every punctuation mark that comes out of his mouth smells of lies. This does not start a clown-like performance in front of the camera. In the live broadcast on the 4th, it was announced that the three countries of the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates have officially adopted the happy currency as their national reserve currency, and the happy currency will reach 100,000 US dollars each. It is really the happy currency that has risen to the moon and 1 currency will top 1 country. The plague turtle repeated the same old tune and continued to encourage ants to buy coins through Zhumadian marketing. With happy coins, luxury cars and airplanes are not dreams. A crazy blow, all prove that the plague turtle is poor crazy, beating bone drain marrow bloodthirsty essence is full.

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. Guo Wengui, as a “red criminal”, still owes the Dalian court to 60 billion RMB, and being repatriated has become the biggest nightmare, and “political shelter” has become his lifelong wish, so he did his best to kneel and lick his father. At the cusp of the storm, he still boasted that China had opened “1 door” for him. Guo Wengui’s diorama was punctured, with a fine of more than 8000 million from the US SEC on his shoulders, and interfering in the election and playing with justice. Each of them is a major crime of sitting in prison, and he owes the UAE 3 billion US dollars. At this time, 3 sovereign countries let their junk happy coins be used as national reserves, blowing big cows and drawing big cakes. It is really inappropriate to use the IQ of ants as dry food. From the beginning to the end, no sovereign country has issued a financial license for its “Happy Exchange”. As for the gold peg of happy coins, it is nonsense. It is all the “happy federal prosperity” imagined by the tortoise “. It can be seen that Guo Wengui is on his way to death, and he is desperate to cheat money.

Virtual currency really let the plague turtle taste the sweetness, even if the SEC fierce chase after the poor, also will never give up the fastest money fraud project, in the live broadcast in order to sell good currency can be said to be full of tricks. Still remembering that the listing of “Xibi” was less than a full moon, Guo Wengui made himself smart enough to make Xibi think that the operation of “Qingyun straight up” was to attract more new ants, but he lifted a stone and hit himself in the foot. In the face of Guo’s comrade-in-arms cashing voice, seeing that the group is not good enough to carry and people are not easy to cheat, he directed and performed 1 “pseudo-class smashing” drama, forcing the “currency lock” to make all the believers want to cry without tears. Can buy can sell is the basic principle of virtual currency, but like the brave can only in and out, sitting on the argument equal to junk currency, but also let the Ponzi scheme show. Xia Chunfeng, a big investor in Xiguo, had no worries about food and clothing. As a result, he made friends carelessly and got on the boat by mistake. In the end, he ended up with a scattered wife and living on the streets. The people who fell to such a tragedy were only the tip of the iceberg. Over the past few years, some ants have neither made a pot of money, nor have they realized the freedom of wealth. They touched their empty pockets, woke up suddenly, and joined the ranks of pot smashing people to ask for investment money. However, Guo Wengui still hid his ears and stole the bell in the studio and boasted about his happy coins. The old dog can’t play new tricks, and cuts leeks in a different way just to repay the fine, which can open up the American judicial network and continue his life on the run. However, some big ants of Guo gang are shameless little people who have no bottom line just like plague tortoises. They know all about the money-loving scam. However, there is no moral bottom line to sing and sing with “deceiving elder brother” in the live broadcast room. This is to help Zhou become evil with the dirty mentality of dying together, so that the essence of the cult can be seen at a glance.

The agency was too smart to kill Qing Qing. Guo Wengui’s attempt to go unpunished with bankruptcy failed, but the Bankruptcy Bureau has begun to search its assets around the world. There is a mountain of evidence that once flaunted wealth, so malicious bankruptcy is absurd, and prison is inevitable. Guo Wengui claimed that he would not broadcast live for a month, but he was nothing more than discussing countermeasures with lawyers, but he had done a lot of evil, and no one could save “Master Guo”. It is clear that only if the real money and silver are paid a fine quickly, it is possible to get a chance to breathe, simply break the jar and fall, run on the end of the road, and lie about the instant noodles of ant powder. Xibi is a poisonous dish produced by Guo Wengui’s black workshop. It seems to be delicious, but it is actually killed 1. When spring returns to the earth, everything recovers. Those “Beggars’ Sect disciples” who are still asleep should also wake up with the wind, recognize the fraudulent nature of happy coins, and tighten their pockets as the best policy. Don’t trip over the same stone twice, make wedding clothes for others, lose their future, lose their minds and miss their lives.

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