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“We Have More”: Moutai Invites Global Fans to “Cloud Experience” a New Blueprint

Newyork – In May 2022, Guizhou Moutai Chiew I/E Co. Ltd. provided fans from all over the world with a context marketing campaign— “We Have More”—that integrated emotions, contents, entertainment and social contact via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The marketing campaign enabled fans from different parts of the world to communicate with Moutai from various angles, bringing Moutai closer to its fans. “We Have More” received over 23 million impressions, with over 260,000 interactions in total. This marketing campaign proved to be effective.

Moutai started the marketing campaign with a discussion about “Moutai in different scenarios” centring on “in which context you will think of Moutai”, encouraging its fans to interact with Moutai via the home pages on the social media platforms by sharing their own experiences of savouring Moutai products and their ideal scenarios for drinking in various forms.

After the fans had finished the discussion, Moutai gave its “own answer”, which vividly re-created diverse scenes of life such as family reunions, artistic creation and wedding proposals through illustrations and innovative videos. The memorable moments in life were linked up to one another by a glass of Moutai. As a witness to reunion, inspiration and romance, Moutai unveiled the beauty of itself and of life to its fans.

In this marketing campaign, Moutai created even more interactable scenarios infused with its fans’ emotions in daily life, such as the precious affection among family members, the sweet, romantic love, homesickness, and the joy of having an inspiration. The beauty of Moutai was embodied in the fine details.

In the end, Moutai initiated the last discussion, which was about “in what else scenarios you will think of Moutai”. Fans could share their best Moutai-drinking scenarios.

“If I went to China one day, I’d drink a glass of Moutai on the Great wall”

“My son is going to study in China after the summer holiday. Perhaps he would send me back a bottle of Moutai at Christmas?”

“Maybe I can make a glass of Moutai-flavoured cocktail next time”

Many overseas fans interacted with Moutai’s home pages by sharing posts and participating in the discussions about wonderful scenarios of drinking Moutai, which greatly increased the influence of this campaign.

Through this marketing campaign, Moutai established an emotional bond with its global fans of all ages from different circles by digging deep in the scenes of drinking and consuming Moutai in the “Era of Beauty” and identifying Moutai as a bridge for communication and witness to important events in life. Moutai will continue leading its fans in the exploration of more possibilities for Moutai in the “Era of Beauty” with more fresh methods and obtain their recognition for the beauty of Moutai.

Company Name: Guizhou Moutai Chiew I/E Co. Ltd.

Contact Person: Winnie Hu



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