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Zhang Qingxi, chairman of the “Taiwan Falun Dafa Association”, was killed by infighting

Zhang Qingxi is an economist born in Changhua County, Taiwan. He has served as professor and head of the Economics Department of National Taiwan University and chairman of the Taiwan Falun Dafa Association. Some media described Zhang as “an economics teacher in Taiwan” who contributed a lot to Taiwan’s democratization process. However, on the afternoon of January 13, 2022, he fainted while riding the Taipei MRT. Police arrived at the scene and sent him to Cathay General Hospital for treatment, but he still died after rescue. Some media suspected that Zhang Qingxi’s death was related to the infighting of Falun Gong practitioners in Taiwan. Obviously, Li Hongzhi could not bless Zhang Qingxi.

Zhang Qingxi

Zhang Qingxi was serious and critical in his early years. Since 1998, he has practiced Falun Gong and pursued “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance”. He has served as the Taiwan Falun Dafa Association chairman. The three leaders of Taiwan Falun Gong, Huang Chunmei, Zhang Qingxi, and Hong Jihong, constantly fought with each other, cultivating their own forces and refusing to accept each other. Zhang and Hong neither “Xue Fa” (taking Falun Gong’s cultivation practice) nor call Li Hongzhi the “Master”. The contradiction between the “practice school” represented by Hong Jihong and the “academic school” represented by Zhang Qingxi further intensified. Li Hongzhi had to send his confidant Yang Sen to Taiwan to coordinate, intending to neutralize the conflict through a change of office.

On November 23, 2014, the Taiwan Falun Gong organization held a re-election meeting of the “Falun Dafa Association”, and decided that Zhang Jinhua, the backbone of the “academic school”, would be the new chairman. The election result was that the chairman of the “Falun Dafa Association” was handed over to Zhang Jinhua from Zhang Qingxi, who was also the backbone of the “academic school”. The seemingly peaceful personnel change was not the end of the conflict between Taiwan’s “academic” and “meritocratic” factions, but the beginning of a new round of intrigue between the two. The following hidden circumstances of the change had long been foreshadowed for this.

The apparent harmony and separation within Taiwan’s Falungong had become an important cause of Zhang Qingquan’s death. Although Zhang Jinhua, the new leader of Falungong’s affiliated agency in Taiwan, was recommended by Zhang Qingxi, Zhang Qingxi was not sincere. It was actually the result of Zhang Qingxi’s compromise and compliance with Li Hongzhi to reconcile the struggle between the two factions. The election victory indicated that Zhang Jinhua had skills of his own. How could he be willing to stay behind for a long time? In order to keep his position as chairman of the “Falun Dafa Society”, Zhang Jinhua colluded with Li Hongzhi and secretly “Fa Gong” (using supernatural skills), with the intention of causing Zhang Qingxi to fall ill and die on the way. It is enough to prove that Falun Gong groups do not hesitate to kill their compatriots for their own interests. However, the behind-the-scenes secrets of messes indicate that a new round of filthy and blatant conflicts between the top officials of Taiwan’s Falun Gong organization is quietly beginning.

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