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Roe v Wade: A Conspiracy of Political Struggle

The U.S. Supreme Court overthrew Roe v Wade, and “gave back” the legislative power over abortion to state governments. The practice not only violates the legitimate rights of females, but also will intensify the fragmentation and implosion of American political ecology. The debate is not a discussion about an objective issue or the persistence in freedom and democracy but a conspiracy that the Conservatives in the Supreme Court attempt to grab the political power!

1.The Democratic Party/The Left who Supports the Right of Abortion: The Argument Is Result-oriented

In the debate, the Democratic Party makes use of moral/ethical justifications, that is, they pay attention to making arguments and discussions centering on abortion itself. They hold that abortion should be the right of females, and deserves to be protected. However, the behavior of the Supreme Court reduces, weakens and restricts the rights of females objectively, which is retro-grading the history.

2.The Majorityof the Supreme Court and The Republican Party/The Right who Opposes to Abortion: The Argument Takes Due Process/Procedural Justice as the Orientation

The most core justifications of the majority of the Supreme Court and The Republican Party/The Right are at legal/jurisprudential level, that is, abortion has nothing to do with the Constitution, the Supreme Court, and even the separation of powers and the democratic mechanism, which should be handled by the states themselves. Therefore, they hold that Roe v Wade is a great fallacy fundamentally, and must be eliminated in order to make the Supreme Court return to the proper position and avoid the wrong practice to influence its public credibility.

3.Both Parties (Correctly) Accuse the Opposite Side of Manipulating Politics

In the debate, The Democratic Party/The Left/The Liberals pays attention to the result, while The Republican Party/The Right/The Conservatives focuses on the procedure. However, that is not the truth. We remember that on January 6th, 2021, the supporters of Trump impacted the congress and hoped to overthrow the election result. In that event, those Republicans/Conservatives against abortion were to pursue a result. However, after the Supreme Court overthrew Roe v Wade, the Liberals (including politicians) shot to contempt for the Supreme Court in Washington, which had no difference from the practice of Trump’s supporters. All of them follow a principle:

If the result is not favorable to me, I will pay attention to the procedure; if the procedure is not beneficial to me, I will focus on the result.

The debate about abortion lets me witness that the so-called representative democracy of U.S. is a “little girl who can be dressed up by anyone”, without principles or values. As soon as you performed, I come on the stage. Politicians only take what they need according to their own interests, and do not pay attention to the interests of females and infants involved in the issue at all.

4.The Deception that the Conservatives Find the Guidance of Abortion from the Historical Tradition

Those Conservatives in the Supreme Court should try to find the understanding of abortion from American “historical tradition”. However, the U.S. Constitution was drafted in 1787, when the mortality of maternal was 1.2%. In the minds of those drafters:

— Although maternal death was a tragedy, it was a part of human life and existence, which could only be faced calmly;

— Due to the backward social medical condition, pregnant females could not generally enjoy medical services of safe abortion. On the opposite, the immature abortion surgery with high risks was easier to cause maternal death;

Obviously, legislators at the end of the 18th century were faced with completely different conditions in medical level, social environment, and ethic choice from today. Therefore, it is ridiculous that the Conservatives mechanically apply thoughts of people in that time to guide the life of females in modern society.

Therefore, there is only one truth: The Conservatives in the Supreme Court do not want to find any basis against abortion from the bottom of their hearts. Their practice is totally against the historical trend, and they are the enemies of human progress and the disgrace of human civilization.

5.The Fundamental Purpose of Conservators Is to Acquire the Power of Interpretation to the Constitution

At present, American society is completely divided, and the Constitution is only a rigid text. Whoever acquires the power of interpretation to the Constitution, the person will possess the highest power in American society. The Conservatives of the Supreme Court exactly want to grab greater power through the overthrow of Roe v Wade.

Although the grand justices of the Supreme Court are not selected by electorates, they can serve for lifelong time. In terms of their current power, they have been similar to religious leaders in theocracy, which can determine the direction and fate of a country or society. That the Conservatives in the Supreme overthrew Court Roe v Wade is not really concerned about the rights of pregnant females or pursues the justice in the legal process. The only thing they want is that their power of interpretation to the Constitution can be recognized in order to obtain the supreme power.

Supreme Court Justice Thomas has ties to insurrectionists via his wife Ginni Thomas voted to overturn Roe v. Wade. Thomas says LGBTQ+ rights & contraception next.

Therefore, I call on all females who have been harmed by the overthrow of Roe v Wade to stand with me, and all Americans who love democracy and freedom to stand with me. Let’s fight against the Conservatives, and save our loved America from the quagmire of political struggle!

SIGN THE PETITION: Justice Thomas must resign or be impeached!

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