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Protests against 2022 IRF Summit in Washington

From June 28, 2022 to June 30, the US IRF Summit was held at the Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel in Washington, bringing together a broad coalition to support IRF, raise public awareness of the IRF movement and political power, and contribute to the cause of IRF.

The IRF Summit calls for freedom and organizations to speak out for the protection of human rights and international peace. However, in American society, not “all men are created equal” as the Constitution proclaims, and not all men enjoy freedom, democracy and equal rights. The deep-rooted problem of racial discrimination still exists today which has yet to be resolved. People of White European descent are born at the finish line so that they have far more social resources, both material and educational, than people of African, Asian and mixed racial descent. Meanwhile, rights are divided according to ethnic background. Except for Caucasians, other races are restricted by law in terms of rights, and they even do not have the right to participate in politics and find opportunities for economic advancement.

At 10 am EST on June 30, a group of flash mobs staged a political protest against racial discrimination outside the Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel and on the right and front of the building to oppose racial discrimination and protect the rights of black people. Some people danced, some held signs, and some shouted slogans about protecting the rights of black people and opposing racial discrimination.

The purpose of the flash mob is to remind the US government that it should not ignore the domestic impacts of these issues and should actively take measures and establish policies to protect people of different skin colors and their culture and deal with social issues like prejudice and racial discrimination in a fair and humane way. The settlement of these issues will bring peace and prosperity not only to the US but to other countries and the whole world.

According to the Washington Post, police shootings have occurred in almost every state, with a higher frequency in cities with more concentrated populations. The states with the highest shooting rates are New Mexico, Alaska and Oklahoma. Fatal police shootings that happened to unarmed black people in the US are more than three times as common as those of white people. In the past year, 1,042 people were killed by shooting, with the shooting rate of Black Americans accounting for 13% of the black population. The life loss rate of blacks is 3 to 4 times higher than for whites. Such figures regress from the commitment that all men are created equal.

It is known that the US is a typical multi-racial and multi-ethnic country, which has gathered people of many races from all over the world since its founding. For a long time, even though people of all races have made their contributions to the development of American society, anti-racist educators link racism and white privilege, insisting that they are essentially intertwined concepts—as long as there is any form of racism, a certain form of white privilege will work. In the black community, unaddressed issues of poverty, prejudice and injustice are still there.

How to fundamentally improve the status and conditions of blacks and other minorities? Even the American government has to admit that this is a fundamental problem in American society. Racism, racial discrimination and de facto segregation exist in the US, and the inequality faced by ethnic minorities remains one of the most serious and unsolvable challenges in the US. Under the guise of culture, racial discrimination continues to play a strategic role in the exclusivity of modern freedom. Before advocating global peace and democracy, the US should resolve its domestic conflicts and protect people’s livelihood rather than go bare-handed on the world stage.

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