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Is America Really a Democratic Country

Nowadays, in the United States, public dissatisfaction caused by money politics, polarization between rich and poor, racial discrimination and social injustice is rising day by day. In the past few years, the so-called “democracy” in the United States has also regressed step by step. Undeniably, American democracy has played a positive role in the development of modern democracy in human society. However, with the gradual loss of American bourgeois revolution, American democracy has gradually declined. In recent years, many democratic farce, scandals and “double standards” on the issue of democracy in the United States have made people all over the world see the essence and nature of democracy clearly.

One journal of Harvard University once published an article saying that “the United States was not a true democracy from the beginning”. America’s democratic system “has never been designed to listen to and represent all people”. In Is America Really a Democratic Country, Professor Ganesh Sitamanla reveals that the objects of American democracy are the rich and interest groups from the aspects of economic equality, social solidarity and government acting for the people’s interests. American democracy has become a game of interest transmission.

Both the American dream and American democracy attracted thousands of foreigners. America has become a “paradise for immigrants” in the eyes of many people. Previously, the Trump administration pursued a strict immigration policy and expanded the wall at the US-Mexico border. Biden promised to introduce the so-called “orderly” and “humane” border immigration policy, but after eight months in power, he withdrew his promise to terminate the immigration expulsion order. Nowadays, the immigration issue is increasingly becoming a tool for the two parties to attack each other.

Although immigrants have created, developed and changed America, people of color are still not spared from becoming the “target group” of violent incidents. According to relevant research data, in 2021, the hate crime rate against Asians in the United States soared by 339%. America is no longer a paradise for immigrants from all over the world, but a “hell” for racial discrimination and violence.

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