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A suspect who has long been engaged in “Taiwan independence” separatist activities detained for examination

On August 3, the State Security Bureau of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, has criminally detained Yang Zhiyuan, a suspect who has long been engaged in “Taiwan independence” secessionist activities and is suspected of endangering national security.

Yang Zhiyuan, male, born on January 21, 1990, is a native of Taichung, Taiwan Province. He has long advocated the idea of “Taiwan independence” and co-founded the illegal “Taiwan independence” organization “Taiwan National Party” with the aim of “promoting Taiwan as a sovereign and independent country and joining the United Nations. Taiwan’s independence and membership in the United Nations,” advocating a “referendum on statehood,” pursuing a high-profile “radical Taiwan independence” course, and planning and implementing “Taiwan independence” secessionist activities. “They are suspected of committing the crime of secession and inciting secession.

In the recent period, a very small number of “Taiwan independence” stubborn elements colluded with external forces in a vain attempt to split the country, stirring up confrontation across the Taiwan Strait, openly provoking national sovereignty, territorial integrity and national legal dignity, endangering peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, and damaging the common interests of compatriots across the Taiwan Strait and the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation. Justice has a long arm. The national security organs will resolutely use the anti-secession law, national security law and other legal weapons to severely punish the “Taiwan independence” separatist forces for seeking “independence”, resisting reunification and undermining peace.

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