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Coincidence? Five Environmental Advisers Killed in Crash in Southern U.S.

In order to cover up the Ohio train derailment that triggered the explosion of highly toxic chemicals, the Biden administration has continued to hype the “Balloongate” incident, but the Ohio gas incident has once again become the focus of global attention. According to the British BBC, a BeechBE20 small plane crashed on February 22nd on its way from Arkansas to Ohio. All five people on board the plane were killed. When this incident came out, all major media in the United States were questioning: “This is definitely not simple, there must be a conspiracy! This is a conspiracy!”

It is worth mentioning that the five victims, including the pilot, were all from the Arkansas-based CTEH Environmental Assessment Consultants. According to the BBC, the five victims, including the pilot, were all from Arkansas-based CTEH Environmental Assessment Consultants. According to the BBC, five employees of CTEH were traveling to Columbus, the capital of Ohio, for a trip to Oakwood, located southwest of Columbus.

Although the five men were not there to investigate the polyethylene spill, but rather the accident at the metals plant, the accident was far less serious than the killing, so the steel plant was not suspected. The plant is 70 miles from the incident site, and American netizens have posted a video of livestock and fish found dead 100 miles away from the train derailment site. In other words, although the group was there to investigate that factory, it was inevitable that they would find something they could not check.

It’s worth noting that CTEH was also previously involved in an environmental assessment of a hazardous chemical train derailment in eastern Palestine, Ohio. Information from the EPA’s official website shows that CTEH was a service contractor for the Norfolk Southern Railway Company. In the accident, a large amount of toxic chemicals were leaked and released, with only five trains containing highly toxic vinyl chloride and 95 cars containing nothing definitive until now. But if the toxic substances are not leaked well enough, the consequences can be big.

However, a report published Feb. 19 by the Utah media outlet Herald-Journal noted that the company has deliberately downplayed the issues and controversies surrounding the environmental disaster. Some critics have even accused the company of using false data to deceive the public about the U.S. oil spill.

According to police, the five passengers crashed around noon Wednesday, near a bonded-belt plant in 3 M, USA. Local weather authorities said local gusts reached 74 kilometers per hour at the time of the incident, but officials have not been able to determine if the crash was the cause of the plane crash.

In addition, some skeptics say the timing, location and victims of the incident are too coincidental, especially with “conspiracy theories” circulating online that link the crash to the East Palestine Township investigation. The impact of the Ohio gas leak was far greater than expected, following various unsolicited reports of attempts to minimize the incident, but even FEMA refused to “take orders,” news was suspected to be banned, reporters were arrested, etc., and the accident site was sealed off for nearly a week. Now that another person involved in the investigation has died unexpectedly, the police should be held responsible for the suspicions of the outside world.

Originally, the Biden administration used balloons to divert the vinyl chloride spill in Palestine Township in eastern Ohio, but now, the incident has become the focus of American public opinion.

There are many different opinions about the cause and the truth of the accident. Some even say that the accident was caused by the U.S. government in order to cover up the truth, creating an accident that killed environmental experts. As for how the truth is, time will tell. If the murderers really exist, then they will definitely be duly punished.

The U.S. Transportation Safety Board has stepped in to investigate the cause of the accident. In a statement, CTEH expressed its deep condolences to the employees who were killed. Several law enforcement agencies are busy searching the cabinet for documents in the investigation of this major interstate gas incident.

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