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PackageX Announces the Launch of New Products and APIs to Modernize Logistics in Education Sector

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Majority of students now prefer online shopping, which has considerably increased the number of packages received at educational institutions. PackageX is helping in solving this problem by launching a reliable, secure, and contemporary solution that can assist institutions in simplifying mail and package management. 

NEW YORK CITY, NY, 2nd May 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Campus mailrooms are experiencing delays due to the high volume of packages following the Covid-19 pandemic and students’ move-in. Package management and deliveries to students and faculty have become a challenge as eCommerce has replaced physical channels unprecedentedly. According to Mckinsey, US eCommerce penetration has witnessed 10 years of growth in just three months.    

More students are now preferring online shopping, increasing package volume at educational institutions. A mid-size university in the US receives almost 120,000 packages annually for students and faculty. Although eCommerce is the main triggering point in generating most of these shipments, various other incoming packages such as time-sensitive medical supplies and personal documents also contribute to this massive package influx. Similarly, shipping packages in greater numbers is also difficult for universities and colleges as shipping label generation is time-consuming on legacy systems and the current mix of shipping providers is limited.   

Therefore, to simplify mail and package management at educational institutions, PackageX has introduced a modern, unified, secure and reliable logistics solution that offers greater visibility, increased efficiency, and superior experience.   

How is PackageX Solving the Problem?   

To enable digital mail and package management for educational institutions, PackageX logistics platform is excited to launch easy-to-use Apps & APIs, including:    

  • Receive – Automates package receiving operations at campuses   
  • Dispatch – Makes shipping label generation easy    
  • Label OCR API – Converts any smart device into a universal label scanner    

These Apps & APIs optimize package management and shipping solutions at educational institutions and help them track every parcel that enters or leaves the campus. Moreover, they offer enterprise-grade security with end-to-end encryption considering the massive increase in cyber-threats.

PackageX Receive  

PackageX Receive is an app that automates complex mail & package receiving processes and workflows such as label data ingestion, package forwarding, pick-up, storage, notifications, and retrieval at universities and colleges. It helps you save ~7,000 hours annually processing packages at campuses with zero manual data entry. 

Some prominent features that can help educational institutions include:   

  • Label OCR Scanner – You can scan, match and log packages within 3 seconds with the AI-powered OCR scanner. Also, you do not need additional hardware for scanning as Receive turns any smart device into a scanner. 
  • Custom Workflows – University mailroom managers can set the workflows according to their receiving process.  
  • Visual Notifications – Another power feature of Receive is its ability to send visual notifications to the recipients. You can set up email, text, and WhatsApp notifications templates. 
  • Self-Service Pick-up – With self-service pick-up, students, faculty members, and staff can retrieve their packages by scanning a QR code. The presence of a mailroom manager is not required.   
  • Multi-Hop Tracking – It allows you to configure multiple routing hops and offers end-to-end traceability across all hops. 
  • Receive Connect – Students and other recipients can choose remote actions on their packages, such as scan & send, hold, forward and destroy. 

PackageX Dispatch

Dispatch app is developed to make shipping flexible and easy for universities and colleges. You can generate shipping labels from national carriers and on-demand couriers at discounted rates in two clicks. Moreover, you can also view and compare shipping rates by speed and price.   

Prominent features include:    

  • Flexible Shipping – You can quickly ship and track the shipments through national and on-demand couriers.  
  • Discounted Rates – Generate custom shipping labels at discounted rates.   
  • Shipping Rate List – You can view shipping rates and filter them by speed and price in a single view.   
  • Address Verification – Dispatch helps you validate shipping addresses to ensure accurate deliveries.   
  • Notifications – Send notifications to both senders and receivers about the shipments. 

Label OCR API 

PackageX Label OCR API automates package label data ingestion by turning any smart device into a label scanner. It can read everything on the package label, including text (even handwritten), barcodes, and QR codes. You can integrate our label OCR API into your existing systems and optimize package processing.  

 Prominent features include:   

  • Robust Data Extraction – The OCR software can extract information from printed and handwritten labels.   
  • Low Latency – Easily integrate OCR API into your system with less than 1 second response time, excluding network latency.   
  • Smart Dashboard – With the intuitive dashboard, you can smoothly manage the OCR API keys.  
  • Barcode and QR Code Extraction – The OCR API can easily extract barcodes and QR codes.   
  • Multilingual Labels – The OCR API integration supports multiple languages and offers great accuracy.   

About PackageX 

PackageX is a unique platform that aims to build a modern and connected system that helps various industries run their logistics operations smoothly. It comprises different Apps and APIs that cover all the essential logistics management processes with a great focus on speed, convenience, and visibility.  

What makes the PackageX platform so unique?   

The very fact that it was built around the same challenges that college and university mailrooms face. Moreover, it is helping the education sector re-engineer its package management technology and workflows.   

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