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CoffeePals Facilitates Spontaneous Coffee Chats Among Coworkers with Microsoft Teams App

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Companies can integrate the CoffeePals app with Microsoft Teams to match employees for coffee chats spontaneously. These informal 15-30 minute conversations help build connections in the workplace for remote workers.

The work ecosystem was forever changed by the pandemic and remote work revolution. While remote work offers numerous advantages for time saving and flexibility, it brings isolation and the risk of poor engagement. CoffeePals works to build connections between remote workers with random coffee chats between employees. 

“We help organizations who are remote, hybrid, and in-person build connections within their workplace,” CoffeePals founders said. 

With the CoffeePals app, companies can put connection building on autopilot and focus their efforts where they will be most effective. The app matches workers in an organization for quick, informal coffee chats. The app also posts fun, thought-provoking topics to team channels, helping to soothe some of the awkwardness of getting to know new people. 

Icebreaker topics include things like, “If you could have the power of teleportation right now, where would you go and why?” or “When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?” Making connections between coworkers with low-stakes informal chats fosters a sense of community among employees and helps them feel engaged with their workplace. 

A new use for a familiar tool

Companies already using Microsoft Teams can seamlessly integrate CoffeePals into their work ecosystems, as it doesn’t require learning to use any new tools. The app presents a new use for a familiar tool already meant to facilitate teamwork and employee engagement. Coffee chats can be scheduled directly in Teams, saving time and avoiding unnecessary complications.

“CoffeePals can even be used for random mentorship match-ups or matching new hires with existing employees to create a great onboarding experience,” the founder said. “We also have a feature called Coffee Lottery, which draws random employees to win a chance to meet for coffee with the CEO.”

Create new pathways within an organization

With CoffeePals, companies can create new pathways of communication within the organization. The app offers a cross-group matching feature, which connects workers from different teams and departments. CoffeePals does the legwork to create new matches regularly. Once a coffee chat match is made, each person receives a match card, and they arrange a convenient time to meet. 

The process of integrating CoffeePals for the whole team is also simple. To integrate, simply add the bot to the team, and matches will start sending on Tuesdays. The bot also posts questions and topics to the channel on Wednesdays and Fridays, facilitating asynchronous team discussions just as if employees were standing around the Coffee Maker. 

New features and continued growth

The team at CoffeePals continues adding new features to the app, building a platform that offers multiple avenues for workplace connection. Company founders also welcome suggestions for future features. Upcoming additions include:

-  Dedicated mentorship and onboarding features
-  Smart matching to predict successful matches better
-  Automated scheduling for fast, easy meeting creation


CoffeePals app for Microsoft Teams brings virtual coffee chats to increase engagement in your organization. To learn more, download the app, visit the website or connect on social media at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.   

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