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Social Media Influencer @Colewherld Exposes the Power of Staged Content and Groupthink in Daring Social Experiment

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Social media influencers Cole Gonzales (@Colewherld on TikTok) and Sydney Seigle (@Sydseigle on TikTok) captivate millions in a daring experiment, exposing the power of staged content and groupthink. Through the deliberate fabrication of their relationship, the couple exposes the difficulties faced by social media users in distinguishing truth from fiction and highlights the vulnerability to manipulation within social media platforms.

Renowned social media influencer, Cole Gonzales, and his girlfriend, Sydney, have pulled back the curtain on the social conditioning of social media users in a groundbreaking experiment that emphasizes the power of staged content and groupthink. The couple, with a combined following of nearly 8 million across multiple platforms, intentionally staged their relationship content, turning themselves into TikTok's most adored couple.

Popular YouTube video of Cole & Syd spending the day together

Their meteoric rise to fame began with a fabricated meeting on Omegle, followed by meticulously staged content that captivated millions of viewers. When the couple recently revealed the staged nature of their initial encounter and subsequent content, the audience remained hooked and continued consuming their videos despite Cole waving the red flag in front of their faces. This phenomenon reveals the difficulty people face when discerning reality from fiction on social media, leaving them susceptible to manipulation by influencers.

Cole Gonzales tests his community's beliefs with controversial videos

In December 2022, Cole took a bold step to help his community break free from social media's unrealistic grasp. He embarked on a month-long journey, during which he transitioned from millions of views per video to a mere 50-100k views. He pushed the boundaries by posting controversial videos that tested the beliefs of his community:

Nonetheless, the community found it difficult to embrace the truth. When Cole resumed sharing fabricated relationship content, the first video, a repost from over two years prior, astonishingly accumulated 8.5 million views!

The photograph below shows Cole’s shift back to reposting old relationship content:

Cole Gonzales challenges unhealthy scrolling habits and empowers his community to reclaim their reality

This scenario created by Cole Gonzales unveils the power of groupthink, as the first viewers of the reposted content begin to comment about how they wish they had a relationship like Cole and Syd’s, the rest of the community then follow along mindlessly into Cole’s trap. Following this, the next five videos averaged 600,000 to 800,000 views each. Cole has explained across hundreds of videos and on his world renowned podcast, Influencer Secrets, that he has made the content switch because he wanted to pull back the curtain that is covering social media. He has revealed many controversial truths such as most influencers staging their content and not making nearly as much money as they appear to be; but most importantly, he has shown his community that each and every influencer that they look up to and compare themselves to are just as flawed and human as them.

Since the content change, Cole has guided hundreds of thousands of community members away from unhealthy scrolling habits and empowered them to "take back control of their own reality." He chose to abandon the fame and hollow brand deals to deliver a profound message to the youth: not everything online is real. This captivating story sheds light on a hidden aspect of social media never disclosed before and is sure to ignite discussions around the social conditioning of social media users.

Cole’s statement to his community

Asking Cole Gonzales about his thoughts on the recent content shift, he said, "So many young people look up to influencers like me and can get caught up in the fake world of social media. I just want to help my followers take control of their own lives and connect with me in a real way, learning something from my experiences in a world full of false content."


Cole and Syd's revelation ignites discussions about social conditioning and groupthink among influencers

This revelation serves as a timely reminder to readers and social media users alike to question the authenticity of the content they consume and the extent to which groupthink can influence their beliefs and actions. By unmasking the manipulation and staged nature of their own relationship, Cole and Syd have opened the door for a much-needed conversation about the power dynamics at play in the world of social media influencers.

Whether this revelation will lead to broader changes in the way influencers create and share content, or how audiences perceive and interact with them, remains to be seen. However, the bold actions of Cole Gonzales and Sydney Seigle have undeniably sparked a dialogue that is sure to resonate with readers and social media users alike.

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