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CBOE • About CBOE • Investor Relat ons CBOE/Bats Acquisition Press Releases On September 26, 2016, CBOE Holdings announced that it entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Bats Events & Presentations GlobalMarkets. Corporate Governance This webpage contains a selection of informational resources regarding the transaction. For additional documents filed with the SEC in this matter, go to SEC Filings. Financial Information Documents Stock Information Transaction Fact Sheet Shareholder Resources Transcript of webcast held on September 26, 2016 Investor FAQs Presentation from webcast held on September 26, 2016 Contact Us Merger Agreement CBOE/Bats Acquisition Transaction-related Press Releases CBOE Holdings Agrees to Acquire Bats GlobalMarkets to Strengthen CBOE Holdings' GlobalPosition in Innovative Tradable Products and Services, and Achieve Meaningful Cost and OperationalEfficiencies September 26, 2016 Contact Information Media Contacts: Suzanne Cosgrove (312) 786-7123 Analyst Contact: Gary Compton (312) 786-7612 Debbie Koopman (312) 786-7136


Cautionary Sraremenrs Regarding Forward-Looking Informarion This presenta on contains certain statements regarding inten ons, beliefs and expecta ons or predic ons for Ole future of CBOE Holdings, Inc. ("CBOE'J and Bats Global Markets, Inc. ("Bars'),wtJ i statements as OJ at termis defined in tile Private SecurWes Li ga on Reform Act of regarding post-closing integra on oropmiza on ofOJe combined businesses,exp an cipated synergies, Oel expected benents ofOJe proposed transac on and Oel an integration effotts. Words sucJJ as"'believes,""'expects,""'anticipates,""'estimates,""'i "projects" or words of similar meaning, or future or conditional verbs, sucJJ as"Will, or varia ons of sue/!words and similar expressions are intended to iden fy suc/J forward-looking statements,Wfl icll are not statements of historical fact or guarantees or assurances of future performance. However, tile absence of OJese words or similar expressions does not mean tilat a statementis not forward-looking. Actual results could differ materially from Olose projected or forecast in Ole forward-looking statements. actual results to differ materially include,wWJOut limita on, tile following risks,uncertaines or assump ons: Ole sa sfac on of til e condWons precedent to tile consumma on of Ole proposed transac on, including,wWJOut limita on, Ole receipt of stockholder and regulatory approvals (including clearance necessary to complete tile transac on) on tile terms desired or an cipated; unan cipated difficuWes or expenditures re /a ng to tile proposed transaction, including,witiJout limita on, difficuWes OJat result in Oel failure to realize expected synergies, efficiencies and cost savings from Ole proposed transac on wWJ in Ole expected me period (if at all),whetll er in connec on witt! integra on, combining trading platform offerings or oOJ erwise; CBOE's ability to obtain and maintain an inves&nent grade credit ra ng and obtain financing on Ole an cipated terms and sciJedule; risks re/a ng to Oel value of CBOE's s/Jares disrup ons of CBOE's and Bats' current plans, opera ons and re/a onsiJ ips wW! market parocipants caused by Ole announcement and pendency of tile proposed transaction; potenal difficuWes in CBOE's and Bats'ability to retain employees as a result of Ole announcement and pendency ofOJe proposed transac on; legal proceedings tilat may be ins tuted against CBOE and Bats following announcement ofOJe proposed transac on; and oOJ er factors described in CBOE's annual report on Form 10-K for tile fiscal year ended December 31, 2015,wtJ iciJ was filed witt! Ole SecurWes and ExctJange Commission (til e ' SEC'? on February 19, 2016, Bats' final prospectus,whic/J was filed wW! tile SEC pursuant to Rule 424(b) on Apri1 15, 2016, Bats' quarterly report June 30, 2016,whic/J was filed wW! tile SEC on August 5, 2016, and otll erfi/ings made by CBOE and Bats from me to me witt! Oel SEC. Tile factors described in sue/!SEC filings include,wWJOut li retain its rigiJt to exclusively Jist and trade certain index op ons and futures products; economic, po/Wca / and market condWons; compliance witt! legal and regulatory ob/iga ons (and ciJanges under agreements witt! regulatory agencies; increasing compe on in tile industries in wtJ iciJ CBOE and Bats operate; CBOE's and Bats'ability to operate Ol eir respecve businesses witiJout vio/a ng Oel intellectual property rigflts of otll ers and tile costs associated wW! protec ng Ol eir respecve intellectual trading volumes or a shiff in Oel mix of products traded on CBOE's or Bats'exc/Janges; each of CBOE's and Bats' ability to accommodate trading volume and transac on traffic, including significanti degrada on of performance ofOJ eir respecve systems; CBOE's and Bats' ability to and communica on nenvorks from security risks,including cyber-affacks; tile ability to manage CBOE's and Bats' growtfl and strategic acquisWons or al/iances effecve/y, including Ole ability to real past acquisWons; Ole ability to adapt successfully to tec/Jno/ogica / c/Janges to mee developments in tile marketplace; and Oel impact of legal and regulatory c/Janges and proceedings,wtJetll er or not related to Ole proposed transac on. NeitiJer CBOE nor Bats undertakes, and eac/J duty to update any forward-looking statement whetll er as a result of new informa on, future events or otll erwise, except as required by Jaw. Investors are cau oned not to place undue reliance on statements,wtJ iciJ speak only as of Ole date oftiJ is presenta on.


Additional Informarion Regarding rhe Transaction and Where ro Find fr TIJ is communica on does not consmute an offer to sellor tile so/icita on of an offe solicita on of any vote or approval. TIJ s communica onis being made in respect ofOJe proposed merger transac on involving CBOE Bats,CBOE Corpora on and CBOE V, LLC. Tile issuance of siJares of CBOE common stock in connec on wW! Oel proposed merger will be submitted to Oel stockholders of CBOE for Ol eir considera on, and tile proposed merger will be submitted to tile stock/Jo/ders of Bats for Ol eir con tll erewitfl, tile paroes intend to file relevant materials wW! tile SEC, including a definWve joint proxy statement/prospectus,whicl! will be mailed to CBOE stock/Jo/ders and Bats stockh documents are not currenOy available. BEFORE MAKING ANY VOTING OR ANY INVESTMENT DECISION, INVESTORS AND SECURITY HOLDERS OF CBOE AND/OR Bats ARE URGED T PROXY STATEMENT/PROSPECTUS REGARDING THE PROPOSED TRANSACT RELEVANT DOCUMENTS FILED OR TO BE FILED WITH THE SEC CAREFULLY AND IN THEIR ENTIRETY WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE BECAUSE THEY WILL CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROPOSED TRANSACTION. Investors and security holders may obtain free copies of Ole definiUve joint proxy statement/prospectus, any amendments or supplements OJereto and oOJ er documents containing important informa on about eac/J of CBOE and Bats, once suciJ documents are filed witt! Oel maintained by Ole SEC at Copies of tile documents filed wW! tile SEC by CBOE will be available free of c/Jarge on CBOE's website at hnp:lnr.cboe.comlfinancial-informa onlsec-ntings.aspx under tile /l eading ' SEC Filings" or by contac ng CBOE's Investor Re/a ons Department at (312) 786-7136 wW! tile SEC by BATS will be available free ofciJarge on BATS' website at IJffp:!Avww.bats.comnnvestor_re/a onslfinancialslunder Ole /l eading ' SEC Filings" or by contac ng BATS' Investor Rela ons Depar&nent at (913) 815-7132. Panicipanrs in rhe Solicitation CBOE, Bats,Ol eir respecve directors and execuve officers, certain otll er member respecve management and certain of CBOE's and Bats' respecve employees may be deemed to be parocipants in tile solicita on of proxies in connec on wW! tile proposed transac on. lnforma on about Oel directors and execuve officers of CBOEis set forO! in its proxy statement for its 2016 annual mee ng of stockholders, WIJ ciJ was filed wW! tile SEC on April 6, 2016, and its annual report on Form 10-K for Ole fiscalyear ended December 31, 2015, whiciJ was filed witt! Ole SEC on February 19, 2016, and informa on about Oel directors and execuve officers of Batsis set forO! in its final prospectus,whicll was filed wW! tile SEC on A documents can be obtained free of c/Jarge from tile sources indicated above. Otll e parocipants in Oel proxy solicita on and a descrip on ofOJeir direct and indirect interests, by security IJoldings or o OJ erwise,will be contained in Oel definWve joint proxy statement/prospectus and otll er relevant materials to be filed wWJ tile SEC when tlley become available. ·


Third Party Advertisement •Third Party Advertisement 67.00 PDF 156KB 528KB 593KB 2.7MB = add file to Briefcase ciJ are forward-looking 1995, including statements ected pro forma revenue, cipated ming oftiJe closing or ntends,""plans," "'seeks," ""'should,""Would,""could,""'may" Tile factors tilat could cause by anWust autllorWes s, broadening distribu on of to be issued in tile transac on; for Oel quarterly period ended mita on: CBOE's ability to Ol ereto), including ob/iga ons property rights; decreases in ncreases,witiJout failure or protect OJeir respecve systems ize tile an cipated benefits of t customers' needs and ofOJ em expressly disclaims, any OJese forward-looking r to buy any securWes or a sidera on. In connec on olders. However, such O RE AD THE DEFINITIVE JOINT ION AND ANY OTHER SEC,OJrougiJ Oel website . Copies oftiJe documents filed s of CBOE's and Bats' pril 15, 2016. Eac/J of tiJese r informa on regarding tile Stock lnformaon NASDAQ : CBOE