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Eva-Tatiana Siakam Releases New Children’s Book – My Twintelligent Besties

Eva-Tatiana Siakam Releases New Children’s Book - My Twintelligent Besties
Eva-Tatiana Siakam Releases New Children’s Book – My Twintelligent Besties
Author Eva-Tatiana Siakam is pleased to announce the release of her new children’s book, My Twintelligent Besties: A story of friendship with twins on the autism spectrum. This delightful tale celebrates friendship, diversity, and the magic of understanding.

In My Twintelligent Besties, readers meet Aria and her extraordinary pals, Lana and Leslie. These inseparable twins may look alike, but their personalities are as distinct as day and night. Leslie, with lightning-fast speech, and Lana, who communicates through expressive hand gestures, form an enchanting duo. While Lana’s knack for disassembling and reassembling objects captivates everyone, Leslie’s vivid imagination weaves tales that come alive.

The heart of the story lies in their friendship. Despite their unique perspectives and behaviors, Aria, Lana, and Leslie share countless adventures. From epic hide-and-seek quests to moments of “flapping” amusement, their bond transcends any differences.

Key Takeaways for Young Readers:

  • Embrace Differences: My Twintelligent Besties emphasizes the power of accepting and celebrating individuality. Whether neurodiverse or not, everyone has something special to offer.
  • Uniqueness Is Awesome: Lana and Leslie prove that being a little different is not only okay but also incredibly cool. Their distinct abilities enrich their friendship.
  • Understanding Autism: Through engaging rhyme and vibrant illustrations, the book sheds light on the spectrum of autism. Kids will learn why and how children with autism may perceive the world differently.
  • The Fun Side of Autism: My Twintelligent Besties showcases the joy, creativity, and playfulness that come with neurodiversity.

Join the adventure with Aria and her unique friends, where every page is a celebration of differences and the joy of acceptance.

About the Author:

Eva-Tatiana Siakam draws inspiration from her own journey as an immigrant child from western Cameroon, where books became her bridge to the English-speaking world. Her passion for writing stems from the tireless support of her diligent mother, who nurtured her love for reading and writing. Eva-Tatiana Siakam’s mission as an author is not only to follow her passion but also to empower young girls who aspire to become strong women. She recognizes the privilege of education and aims to make it accessible to all girls, regardless of their background or circumstances. Through her writing, Eva-Tatiana champions women and girls, bringing their stories to life in the hopes of creating a more inclusive world.

My Twintelligent Besties is now available for purchase on Amazon at 

This book is perfect for parents, educators, and young readers eager to explore the magic of friendship and acceptance.

To learn more about Eva-Tatiana Siakam and her literary works, follow her on Instagram at

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