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How These 'Kids' at TRUSTKID Redefine Digital Growth for Modern Brands

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2024 / At the heart of San Francisco, TRUSTKID is making a name for itself as a tech-driven media startup with the goal to elevate the voices of the world's mission-driven brands and individuals.

Spearheaded by Oliver Kim (21) and powered by Blingkle Labs, TRUSTKID leverages the collective talent of an all-Gen Z ensemble that has previously contributed to raising over $45 million in their early-stage startup valuation.

Kim's unique personal background cannot be overlooked. With support from South Korea's dictator Park Jung Hee in the 1970s, Kim's grandfather, Kim Jung Woong, founded the Korean Folk Village, a cultural site in South Korea dedicated to preserving traditional Korean customs with a real estate value of approximately 3 billion USD. Kim's maternal grandmother is now-passed Chun Rak Won of Paradise Company Inc., one of Asia's wealthiest first-generation casino tycoons. Despite his upbringing, Kim, as a teenager, found himself with a deeper longing for fulfillment beyond the comfort of his family's generational wealth.

As a teenager, Kim was drawn to the world of entrepreneurship, entering the startup world by bootstrapping and exiting two startups in the ed-tech and e-commerce sectors as a high school student at Brooks School. He later established Blingkle Labs with fellow Gen Z serial entrepreneurs and operators who share the same level of passion as him in the startup space. Blingkle Labs is a San Francisco-based, mission-driven venture studio that draws a wide network of young industrial engineers from institutions like Disney, Citadel, and the MIT Media Lab, as well as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. The Studio focuses on creating ventures that address global challenges like the mental health crisis, infusing TRUSTKID, one of its portfolio startups, with a deep sense of mission and purpose.

Johnny Rapp (26), co-founder of TRUSTKID, discovered his talent even earlier than Kim. He started his career in marketing at the age of 13, quickly establishing his reputation as the ‘internet marketing prodigy.' When Rapp was just 18 years old, he led and managed a team of digital marketers to plan, execute, and oversee campaigns for public figures like Jennifer Lopez, Drake Bell, and Terrell Owens.

Beyond that, TRUSTKID team directed the growth of 13 social media accounts with a total of more than 18 million followers as of January 2024, including the household social media account @clips that has more than 14 million followers. As of the aforementioned date, these accounts have generated more than 15 billion video views and, together, attract up to 2.4 billion views every month, with an average of 1.3 billion, demonstrating the Team's ability to engage and scale audiences online at a rapid pace.

TRUSTKID has developed end-to-end digital marketing solutions for brands and individuals of all sizes by combining the analytical strengths of AI with human marketers' creative direction.

Kim emphasizes that TRUSTKID combines the "best of both worlds" by combining technological precision of the latest tech with talented human marketers' insights. TRUSTKID utilizes machine learning algorithms to predict digital trends, personalize content, and optimize engagement. Then, marketers at TRUSTKID enriches this data with creative storytelling and strategic oversight. "In a nutshell," says Kim, the co-founder.

Kim says, "When it comes to partnerships, we look for brands and individuals whose missions are positively impactful and truly worthy of being seen and heard by a larger audience. I think that's another aspect of TRUSTKID that sets us apart from our competitors."

As the world of marketing continues to evolve, Kim and Rapp remain committed to transforming how brands and individuals with missions communicate with the world, making sure their messages not only spread widely but also inspire action and change.

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