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London Arthrosamid Treatment For Knee Disability Relief, Self-Referral Update

MSK Doctors (03300010048), a private specialist clinic in London, is now accepting self-referral patients for Arthrosamid, an innovative new knee pain and flexibility treatment that has been shown to provide relief for two years or longer in clinical trials, with no major side effects.

This recently announced therapy is the first clinically approved, single-injection treatment shown to provide relief for up to two years or longer, and is now available from MSK Doctors in London with no referral, and no waiting list.

More information about Arthrosamid, the MSK Doctors self-referral program, and clinical trial results for the new treatment can be found at

First pioneered in the late 1700s, injectable treatments for pain and stiffness of the knee have a long history, but have traditionally offered only short-term relief. Arthrosamid is the first known long-term solution, formulated using a safe, non-biodegradable hydrogel to provide lubrication and cushioning for the knee joint, with a single treatment, MSK Doctors explains.

Arthrosamid has been in clinical trials since the early 2000s and has been proven safe as a human treatment, with minimal side effects. The most commonly reported complications include temporary redness, swelling, or itching at the injection site, which fades within the first few days.

While Arthrosamid utilizes a similar technique to traditional knee injections, using a non-biodegradable hydrogel allows the effects to last significantly longer. In trials, the relief from pain and stiffness was found to last for up to 2 years. While the effects may last significantly longer, the trial was only scheduled to last for 2 years, since traditional treatments often start to lose effectiveness in only a few months.

Arthrosamid is not a solution for all osteoarthritis patients, but experts believe it can be a valuable, minimally invasive tool, with the potential to provide long-term relief. This treatment is often recommended for patients with moderate osteoarthritis, particularly in situations where the condition is not responding to first-line treatments.

An excerpt from the full MSK Doctors report explained, “Arthrosamid presents an innovative approach to managing knee osteoarthritis, especially for those seeking a less invasive, long-term solution. It’s important to consult with your healthcare provider to determine the best treatment plan for your specific condition.”

More information is available in the new patient’s report on Arthrosamid. The report explains the basics of Arthrosamid, how it compares to traditional approaches and other details patients should know before choosing an osteoarthritis treatment. The full report can be found at

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