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OTC Vs. Prescription Hearing Aids: NANO Rechargeable C-I-C Devices Guide Release

NANO Hearing Aids - part of Hearing At Home LLC - has released a guide that explores the differences between over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription devices for those in need of audiological support.

The newly published guide offers a succinct analysis of what individuals suffering from perceived mild to moderate hearing loss can expect from an OTC device and why they represent a cost-effective way to manage auditory issues.

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NANO Hearing Aids' guide explains the basic stages of hearing loss, from mild - having difficulty hearing soft or faint sounds and struggling to converse in the face of background noise - to moderate, in which even moderately loud sounds are difficult to distinguish, commonly causing sufferers to withdraw from social interactions. Severe or profound hearing loss necessitates lip reading, visual cues, sign language, or cochlear implants. The latter two categories must be treated by an audiological professional, making OTC devices unsuitable for these applications.

As of October 2022, hearing aids that meet FDA standards can be purchased over the counter. All NANO devices are FDA Class 1-registered, giving consumers an assurance that they are credible products and are safe to use without medical supervision. In addition, each NANO product is available for over $1,000 less than comparable prescription models and can be purchased without the need for a hearing test or consultation with a hearing professional.

The guide digs deeper into the significant price differences between prescription and OTC devices. NANO's range starts at $297 for the entry-level CIC2 - a completely-in-canal hearing aid that is small enough to be virtually invisible. This model comes with two audio programs for adjusting the sound as well as tips and domes to ensure the earpieces fit snugly and securely in the ear canal.

While prescription hearing aids are available in a wider range of designs and styles, including receiver-in-canal and bone-anchored devices that are surgically implanted, NANO customers can still choose between CIC or behind-the-ear (BTE) styles. The X2 and Sigma Plus models, in particular, are slim yet powerful BTE products that offer four audio programs as well as noise reduction and cancellation technology. Sigma Plus users can also control their hearing aids via Bluetooth.

All NANO products are rechargeable, saving users significant sums on battery replacement. The CIC2 provides up to 12 hours of continuous use on a single charge, with the compact charging pod allowing it to be used on the move. The BTE devices feature larger nightstand chargers and provide up to 14 hours of power.

The guide states, “If you’re short on time and want fast hearing improvement, OTC hearing aids are the best option for you. Prescription hearing aids take a while to be fitted and adjusted, prolonging the time you have to spend struggling with hearing loss.”

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