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A Look Into How QC Kinetix (Robinson) Is Using Pittsburgh Sports Medicine To Combat Joint Pain

Pittsburgh, PA - (NewMediaWire) - October 04, 2022 - via QC Kinetix - QC Kinetix (Robinson) is one of the leading pain control clinics in the area. The clinic has welcomed many community members suffering from acute, sub-acute, and chronic joint-related issues, educating them on their natural treatment modalities and how it can save them from pain medication dependence and the threats of surgical intervention. Over time, QC Kinetix (Robinson) has helped hundreds of people reclaim their lives from pain and discomfort by presenting minimally invasive treatments that improve their immediate health and offer long-term advantages to better their lives.

Speaking on the clinic and the treatments offered, the lead provider noted that QC Kinetix (Robinson) is concerned about the growing number of joint pain victims. The treatment provider noted that over 60 million American adults battle with pain and discomfort, with several million suffering from arthritis and others from pain in their hips, ankle, back, and other areas. The pain control clinic's team maintained that these pain victims are either subjected to ongoing pain medication, which negatively affects their bodies and organs, or are required to undergo risky and complicated surgical procedures.

With both options presenting their risks and side effects, QC Kinetix (Robinson) presents an alternative that doesn't require pain medication intake or the complications of a surgical procedure. By using sports medicine and natural treatment therapies, patients will have access to a minimally invasive treatment that has worked for hundreds of other people who have tested it.

Speaking on their sports medicine and natural treatment modalities, the clinic's spokesperson, Scott Hoots, noted that patients are welcome to explore the array of natural treatment solutions they offer. With those treatment solutions, patients will enjoy a short-term focus on their immediate symptoms and a long-term focus on addressing both the pain symptoms as well as the underlying cause of it. The treatment providers at QC Kinetix (Robinson) ensure that each patient is comprehensively assessed and diagnosed to better understand the issues causing their painful symptoms.

Welcoming patients into their pain clinic, Scott Hoots noted that they are taking new appointment bookings and their appointment slots are filling up fast. He maintained that each new patient will have access to a comprehensive initial consultation meeting with their treatment team. During the consultation meeting, the team will go over the patient's health records, past treatments, and discuss relevant issues like allergies to improve their treatment. Patients will also undergo a physical examination and assessment to ensure an accurate diagnosis of their joint problem.

Once fully diagnosed, the team will determine eligibility for the Pittsburgh regenerative medicine treatment and get started. Patients will enjoy an array of minimally invasive treatment modalities with shorter recovery times. One of the treatment modalities used is Class IV laser therapy. This treatment provides joint pain relief by focusing non-invasive laser energy on the affected joint in the body. The concentrated laser energy penetrates deeply into the affected area to create a photochemical response that helps improve the function and mobility in affected joints. Other benefits of the non-invasive treatment include reduction of pain and inflammation in the joints, improved oxygen delivery to injured tissues, and stimulation of damaged tissues to start the natural healing process.

"QC Kinetix employs only natural approaches to treat joint and soft tissue pain. These natural approaches are able to help induce your body's own healing cascade to better repair and restore itself. Our protocols are customized to your specific type and location of pain. The therapy begins with a process to decrease the overall inflammation of the area. This then improves the tissue environment and helps facilitate the repair process. We subsequently utilize injectable therapy and connective tissue supplements that act to help up-regulate your body's own healing factors," added the lead treatment provider at the facility.

QC Kinetix (Robinson) is open to all joint pain victims. The clinic can be reached via phone at (724) 201-4230 or visit their website. The office is located at 2 Robinson Plaza, Suite 310, Pittsburgh, PA, 15205.

Media Contact:

Company Name: QC Kinetix (Robinson)

Contact Person: Scott Hoots

Phone: (724) 201-4230

Address: 2 Robinson Plaza, Suite 310

City: Pittsburgh

State: PA

Postal Code: 15205

Country: USA


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