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Trading Calculators

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The Ultimate Collection of Trading Calculators

Welcome to The Ultimate Trading Calculator Collection. In this collection you will find links to all of the trading calculators you will ever need. See the links below to each of our trading calculators. We are building more all the time, so if you have an idea for another calculator that you would like to help you with your trading please leave us a comment below.


Use Our Trading Calculators to Improve Your Trading Decisions


Stock Market Calculator

Project your wealth from investing in the stock market based on starting capital, returns, tax, deposits & withdrawals. The Stock Market Calculator makes it easy to set your trading goals and plan for your financial future. This trading calculator is essential for setting your trading goals!


Stock Profit Calculator

Calculate the profit or loss you will incur from an individual stock trade based on the entry and exit assumptions as well as your chosen position size. The Stock Profit Calculator is a great ‘what if’ analysis tool for your individual trades. This is a trading calculator you will use on many of your trades.


Average Down Stock Calculator

Calculate your average purchase price and perform scenario analysis for averaging down on stocks with our average down stock calculator. This easy trading calculator shows you your average price depending on the number of shares you buy at each price level.


Stock Split Calculator

Calculate the impact of a stock split  on position and determine the number of shares and the share price on a split adjusted basis with our stock split calculator. This trading calculator eliminates the confusion that often occurs during a stock split.


Compound Interest Calculator

Discover our Compound Interest Calculator, designed for traders to confidently plan high level investments and project future wealth with ease including regular contributions to your account. Use this trading calculator to plan your future!


Stock Average Calculator

Calculate your stock average price quickly and easily for multiple purchases of the same stock with this easy to use stock average calculator. This trading calculator finds the average price for up to 10 purchases in the same stock.


Position Size Calculator

Maximize profits & manage risk with our Position Size Calculator! Optimize trades using 3 powerful sizing models tailored to your trading style. This trading calculator is one you can use on every trade you make!


Reverse Stock Split Calculator

Use our quick and easy Reverse Stock Split Calculator to quickly determinine your final position and number of shares from a reverse stock split. This trading calculator eliminates the confusion during a reverse stock split!


Expected Return Stock Calculator

Use our Expected Return Stock Calculator to find the expected profit based on outcome scenarios for the stock. This trading calculator helps you start making confident decisions by using probabilities instead of prediction.


Trading Expectancy Calculator

Unlock the true potential of your trading strategy with the Trading Expectancy Calculator. Master profitability by predicting gains and losses over multiple trades. Elevate your trading game now!

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