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Thalesia Announces Cutting-Edge AI Investment Strategy for Long-Term Alpha with UCITS Compliance

Imagine having an investment advisor with the knowledge of a financial whiz and the processing power of a supercomputer. Thalesia, a fintech leader, is making this a reality with AI-powered investment strategies. Their UCITS-compliant fund seeks long-term alpha, using cutting-edge technology to navigate the market and maximize returns for investors seeking a secure and data-driven approach to building wealth.

Madrid, 16 May 2024 — Thalesia, a leading fintech innovator specializing in AI-powered investment strategies, announced its groundbreaking approach to generating long-term alpha for investors. This announcement underscores Thalesia’s commitment to leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) within a UCITS (Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) compliant framework, offering investors a secure and transparent path to robust portfolio growth.

At the heart of Thalesia’s innovation lies its state-of-the-art AI system, meticulously crafted to analyze and monitor market trends. This advanced technology carefully navigates global market complexities, pinpointing lucrative investment prospects while effectively managing risks, thereby granting clients a substantial advantage in today’s dynamic financial landscape.

“Thalesia’s AI system cuts through the noise of traditional financial analysis, uncovering robust investment opportunities for sustainable growth,” says Thalesia’s investment management team.

“Our clients benefit from a distinct market advantage through risk management and enhanced returns.”

Key to Thalesia’s philosophy is its unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance and investor protection. Operating within the UCITS framework underscores the company’s dedication to transparency and adherence to rigorous European investment standards, bolstering investor confidence and trust in its offerings.

“Our UCITS-compliant investment fund underscores our commitment to transparency and investor well-being. Through stringent compliance measures, we provide investors with peace of mind, ensuring their investments meet the highest regulatory standards,” Thalesia management team emphasized.

The company’s AI model serves as a sophisticated investment funnel, analyzing large amounts of data into a curated selection of top-performing global portfolios. By rigorously evaluating risk, return, and diversification metrics, Thalesia constructs balanced, long-only stock portfolios engineered to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

“Our AI-powered portfolios are meticulously designed to achieve sustainable growth. Through in-depth analysis and well-defined parameters, we aim to generate alpha while prudently managing downside risks, thereby fostering long-term success for our clients.”.
Thalesia serves as a beacon of innovation in the ever-evolving financial technology landscape. By skillfully combining cutting-edge AI data aggregation with a deep understanding of financial markets, the company empowers investors to build stronger, more resilient portfolios.

Don’t miss out on the future of investing. Visit Thalesia’s website today to learn more about their AI-Powered Investments strategy and how to access their UCITS-compliant fund. Unlock the potential for consistent long-term alpha and build a stronger financial future.

About Thalesia:

Thalesia is a pioneering fintech company specializing in AI-driven investment strategies designed for consistent long-term alpha generation. The company offers robust advisory and asset management services for a UCITS-regulated investment fund headquartered in Luxembourg. Thalesia’s proprietary AI system leverages deep data analysis to pinpoint promising investment opportunities, fostering sustainable growth for its clients.

Contact Information:

Organization: Thalesia

Address: Calle Orense 69, Madrid


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