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What Is Digital Mailroom Outsourcing (& How It Can Boost Your Profits)

What Is Digital Mailroom Outsourcing (& How It Can Boost Your Profits)Photo from Unsplash

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Digital mailroom outsourcing is the digitization of the manual mail sorting process. A digital mailroom virtually eliminates the process of receiving, opening and handling all mail. Outsourcing this process results in a reduction in cost for the company overall and creates a more productive and efficient work environment. 

Challenges Of A Traditional Mailroom

The average office receives 100,000 pieces of mail a month and valuable time is lost every day sorting it. The mail must be date stamped, copies made of important documents and all before it can finally be delivered to the right person. Each one of these processes has the potential to introduce errors inside the mailroom. Not to mention the cost burden of delivering mail to the wrong person, losing mail or it idling in a mailbox. Many companies struggle to deal with lost or late incoming mail and this can cause not just frustration but costly delays to their businesses.

A digital mailroom solution eliminates the need for a physical mailroom. It can free up precious floor space in your building and allow this space to be better utilized for your business’ needs.

Your employees’ time could be better spent on tasks that serve the business rather than wasting hours sorting the mail. By digitizing the mailroom, your employees can get back to their areas of expertise, and help to make your organization more successful.

How Mailroom Outsourcing Can Boost Your Organization’s Profits

A digitized mailroom is the next step in mail management systems and increases efficiency for the entire company. By turning physical mail into a digital format, there is no longer any need to worry about losing documents or the wrong person receiving vital data.

Business moves at a rapid pace and quick response times are of the utmost importance for any company. The more efficiently and timely you communicate with internal departments and clientele, the more profitable your business will become.

Additional Benefits Of Outsourcing Mailroom Services

Outsourcing your mailroom services makes your business more streamlined, but there are a variety of other benefits to retiring your physical mailroom:

  • Data capture: one of the most important activities a business can perform is to secure accurate data. Digitizing your mail makes data readily available and accurate. Access the information you need when you need it.
  • Automate email: everyday employees in your business receive countless emails containing important information or attachments that need to be stored somehow. Automating the storage and data capture of these important emails can function similarly to a digital mailroom.
  • Document security: if your company is processing sensitive information then knowing your documents are secure is a high priority. You need never worry about documents falling into the wrong hands again. Give yourself and your clients peace of mind that their information is in safe hands.

Stop Searching For Mailroom Outsourcing Companies – You’ve Found ACI

Considering a digital mailroom for your business’ needs does not need to be a daunting task. ACI’s proprietary system, Digital Mailroom Manager™, is the solution you have been searching for.

Digital Mailroom Manager™ processes and routes your mail in a timely manner. ACI is an expert in handling documents; whether they are handwritten, organized by barcode or even oversized, you can rest assured that our automation experience comes with years of hands-on knowledge.

Automate your mailroom today and experience a world of difference in productivity for your business. Schedule a demo with our team today to see if the Digital Mailroom Manager™ is the right fit for your business.

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