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West Roxbury Area Self-defense School Now Offering Hybrid Class Schedule Boston School of Boabom Offers Both In-Person and Online Classes For Convenience

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The Boston School of Boabom, a West Roxbury area martial arts school, today announced that they are offering both in-person and virtual classes post-COVID pandemic.

The Self-defense school, the only one of its kind in the eastern U.S. dedicated to teaching the Boabom arts, is now offering a hybrid class model, meaning it will continue to offer virtual live and streaming classes in addition to in-person sessions, particularly as the format proved successful during the pandemic. 

Yemado, the school’s director, says that offering both options will continue to introduce people outside of the Boston area to the benefits of Boabom and give many students the flexibility to allow them to keep up with practice if they can't attend in-person classes due to a busy schedule. 

“At first, we were a little hesitant to offer Boabom classes virtually only because our students love the social aspect of the lessons in addition to enjoying the benefits of Boabom,” he said. “But our transition to online teaching proved so successful that we knew once we could safely teach in-person classes again we would definitely continue to make the on-demand and live streaming options available. As a result of our foray into virtual instruction, we now have students that practice Boabom with us online from all over the world, which has shown us the power of virtual learning.”

Boabom is an ancient form of Self-defense with roots in ancient Tibet that combines breathwork and relaxation with progressively taught self-defense techniques. The Boston School of Boabom teaches both Seamm-Jasani, the “gentler” version of Boabom referred to as the “art of relaxation” as well as traditional or Osseous Boabom, also known as the “art of defense and energy.” 

Unlike many forms of martial arts that involve sparring with a partner or participating in competitions, Boabom is a non-competitive, no-contact form of martial art. Students do not compete with fellow participants or make physical contact with each other. This unique quality eliminates the fear of injuring another person or one’s self. Whether taking classes in-person or virtually, Yemado says this attribute appeals to many people. 

“Many of our students are attracted to Boabom as a martial arts practice because they don’t have to worry about injuring themselves or others. By eliminating that fear, it actually gives them greater confidence to fully extend their bodies as they complete the progressive sequences,” he explained. “And because Boabom is a non-competitive practice, the focus is on each individual student and their progress. They don’t have to feel like they’re being judged by or compared to their fellow students. In fact, many of our students have become friends from attending regular classes at our Brookline school.”

In addition to offering classes in both Seamm-Jasani and Osseous Boabom, the school also teaches Yaanbao—Boabom with the use of a staff, which acts as an extension of the upper body. Right now the school is offering in-person Seamm-Jasani classes for beginners on Tuesday evenings, and Osseous Boabom classes on Monday and Thursday evenings. A meditation class is also available on Saturdays. The Boston School of Boabom plans to add in-person beginner Yaanbao classes to its schedule soon. The introductory streaming classes can be accessed at any time, and are free. 

Both in-person and virtual classes are kept on the small side so that every student can get as much out of the lessons as possible. The smaller class size allows the instructor to give more personalized attention to students who may need a little extra guidance as they progress through the Boabom arts. 

“We’re really excited to be able to offer both options to them, as each has its own advantages and drawbacks,” said Yemado. “Our students can make up their minds as to which platform or combination works best for them and their goals.” 

“It’s a great option for our West Roxbury area students as well, as it offers greater convenience. Our Brookline school is actually easily accessible by the green line on the MBTA. But if they don’t feel like commuting or live farther away from Boston and don’t want to fight traffic, they can hop online to keep up with their progression. And for those who are able to come to an in-person class, providing this option allows them to form friendships with like-minded individuals. No matter how convenient online streaming can be, there are some things you can’t fully access when learning remotely.” 

“We’re excited to venture into this new hybrid class platform and see the many ways it benefits our students,” he said. “It will help make Boabom’s benefits more accessible to people throughout the West Roxbury area and beyond more than ever before.” 

The Boston School of Boabom is located at 33A Harvard Street in Brookline, and is easily accessible by the MBTA Green D and E lines and 66 bus. 

To view the class schedule and register for a session, visit

About The Boston School of Boabom

The Boston School of Boabom is a community of teachers specializing in the Arts of Boabom, a teaching based on an ancient system of relaxation, meditation, breathing, and defense with origins dating back to pre-Buddhist Tibet. Boabom combines active relaxation, meditation in movement, and Self-defense techniques, all in a no-contact, non-competitive environment. Its instructors work together to create a positive and respectful environment that is open to all. The school offers classes for children, adults, and seniors in a friendly, positive atmosphere.

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