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ERGO222® – X ONE Grand Debut: Revolutionary 222nm Far-UVC Technology, Most Effective Human-Safe Disinfector

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“~Virus-free human living environment with just X ONE”. ERGO Healthtech held the world’s first cleanest and safest film screening event on 22nd February 2023, celebrating this unprecedented “safest cinema” with the most popular movie in Hong Kong - “A Guilty Conscience”, which broke the box office record of all time. Everyone in the cinema was holding X ONE, the world’s smallest, lightest and the most effective disinfector. With shimmery purple lights on, signifies that people’s germ-free walls have been built, together creating the historical and revolutionary “safest cinema”.

Global pandemic until now, Hong Kongers have been safeguarding themselves from Covid. They are wearing masks and bringing alcoholic sanitisers everywhere at any time. What was being sold in the market can only provide protection passively, referring to the protection methods which might be effective once at a time when bacteria or viruses are already attached to contact surfaces including skin, clothes and masks, but certainly not doing anything for air disinfection. Hence, the founder of ERGO HealthTech Steve So started doing research day and night on information collection, hoping to find a safe and active germ-killing ‘weapon’. He finally found a clinically-proven technology that satisfies the aforementioned functions - 222nm Far-UVC. This human-safe 222nm Far-UVC does not rely on air circulation to destroy airborne viruses and effectively eliminates almost every aerosolized viral particle.

There are mainly two types of disinfectors in the market: Disinfection sprayers and UV light disinfectors. ERGO emphasises on users’ safety, advocating epidemic prevention products should all be absolutely ‘human-safe’ to be used in the long run. Steve promptly supplemented:’ Almost all epidemic prevention products either emit harmful UV light rays which could be detrimental to human health under exposure for an extended period of time; or they release a huge amount of chemicals that irritate the trachea in the breathing system, cause infection and ultimately lead to tracheitis.’ Experimental results illustrated the fact that conventional UV light with a wavelength of over 254nm can penetrate tear film of the eyes and stratum corneum of the skin, causing irreversible damage. There is also a fatal weakness of these disinfectors, that they need to be used intermittently. As these devices are harmful to the human body, operation for a long period of time is prohibited. Germs can invade and harm the human body in between. This put societal doubts on the effectiveness of such disinfectors, hence ERGO hopes to transform epidemic prevention products in the market, enforcing technology-created safe space for the public.

The reason Steve founded ERGO is that he witnessed all sorts of ups and downs during three years of pandemic. He has seen economic recession, extreme fear of Covid. Therefore, he has no hesitation and is determined to help all Hong Kongers to regain pre-pandemic freedom. After obtaining the patent for this technology, he founded ERGO in 2020, hoping to expand this technology to the public. However, this new disinfection technology is too new to the market. Most people are sceptical about its function. Only a small number of well-educated people accept it just like a “click”. 

For this technology to be accessible by the public, ERGO initiated the X ONE project, aiming at delivering this technology to the public as soon as possible, to protect everyone from the pandemic with advanced technology. The idea and execution process of the project is inspired by Steve’s son, Justin, that “we need to make ONE device to help every Hong Kong people for their daily personal hygiene protection anywhere at the side. And it must be handy, pocket-sized, and affordable!” Steve and Justin then, together, brainstormed the invention of a small but effective disinfector utilising this revolutionary technology, to create a germ-free environment whenever needed. Used in conjunction with Steve’s product design experience, he invented a reliable portable disinfector that can be served as the long-needed “weapon” by the public. The product outcome was honoured with multiple international design awards in 2022!

 The product is designed in Hong Kong and guaranteed, the duo tested and monitored the whole manufacturing process in China under compact and strict QC guidelines, from gadget selection and assembly to function and durability assurance with relevant world-class certifications, such as SGS, CE, FCC, RoHS…etc.. The debut of X ONE earned the title of the smallest, lightest, human-safe and most effective disinfector. They believe the product will be a convenient addition to the public, especially businessmen, parents, travellers and people who dine out often, minimising their possibility of infection.

It has already been three years since the pandemic outbreak. As government policies ease up, the public seems to have lowered their awareness of the pandemic. Steve and Justin pointed out an existing cliche towards Covid. ‘A majority of people who recovered from Covid think they gained immunity towards Covid virus. However, the virus is constantly mutating, the immunity is not effective against mutated viruses; plus the side effect of long covid is accumulative, and every infection means more burden to the human body. This is the reason we invented X ONE, everyone should actively defend themselves to fight against viral invasion.’ Viruses could be spread through aerial transmission. X ONE can eliminate viruses in the air in a matter of seconds, preventing them from getting close to you even without the protection of masks; In cases where wearing masks is mandatory, X ONE could act as an extra layer of barrier to keep you safe and sound. But this is not the only function of X ONE. It can be used to kill any commonly seen H5N1, H1N1 virus and household bacteria such as E. Coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Till now, X ONE users are scattered around 30 countries in the world, 60% of them are Europeans and Americans, and 70% of them are medical professionals from university medical schools, university lecturers, and CEOs of numerous renowned companies.

Steve’s and Justin’s ambitions do not stop at Covid era. Steve foresees the danger of global warming. Trapped ancient bacteria and viruses will be released as iceberg melts, and these viruses could be overwhelmingly harmful. 222nm Far-UVC effectively dismantles bacterial or viral structures, creating an adverse living environment for such germs. Even undiscovered germs can be eliminated without the help of vaccines, providing maximal immediate protection for humans. Steve and Justin were both born and raised in Hong Kong, and have been through every major event that has happened in Hong Kong. They decided to return the favour to society, protect everyone from infection, and of utmost importance, create a virus-free and safe environment for everyone in the world.

In the cinema, Steve and Justin both witnessed the success of years of research and invention. Hundreds of audience members were holding ERGO222®  X ONE, eliminating all aerial and superficial bacteria and viruses. One of the audience reflected his excitement to Steve. The audience has lost hope in watching movies in cinema as masks are required at all times. Today, he witnessed far-UVC actively disinfecting the enclosed area, he took off his mask, and started enjoying his must-have popcorn while watching the movie. The success of “safest cinema” is just the start, Steve aims to spread this technology to all residents in Hong Kong, turning Hong Kong into a virus-free city progressively.

ERGO’s belief, practice and achievement were truly influential. The invention of X ONE gives everyone secure protection, and contributed a lot during the pandemic. The faith is not to fear viral invasion anymore, here right now, starting from Hong Kong.

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