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Revolutionizing Customer Support: GPT-Trainer Introduces the First LLM-Native AI Chatbot Builder

GPT-Trainer launches an LLM-native AI chatbot framework for no/low-code users, enhancing business operations and customer service.

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / April 13, 2024 / GPT-Trainer, a leader in conversational AI technology, has launched a novel LLM-native (Large Language Model) multi-Agent framework, marking a significant advancement in the realm of AI chatbot development. The platform, designed to work well with both highly technical and no-code users, will enhance the efficiency of business operations and improve automatic resolution of customer service interactions. With out-of-the-box features such as ChatGPT-like AI trained on your own data, lead collection, conversation monitoring and tagging, frustration detection, meeting scheduling, human support escalation, and workspace sharing controls, GPT-trainer can be customized to reliably support a wide range of customer service use cases. When properly connected to your own database, it can even handle automatic order placement, status tracking, and returns.

Mr. Hunter Zhao, CEO of GPT-Trainer, commented on the release, "Our platform delivers a unique innovation in conversational AI technology. Our vision is to establish a new process for chatbot development, making chatbots much more powerful, versatile, and less tedious to build compared to conventional workflow-centric frameworks like botpress and voiceflow."

As the first of its kind, GPT-Trainer allows the creation of multi-agent chatbots capable of executing function calls via external APIs. This enables the chatbot to connect with external data sources and tools, on-demand, in response to incoming user queries. GPT-trainer also supports built-in retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) capabilities trained from diverse document types like PDFs, Word, Excel, and various scraped website content.

If you are working with complex chatbot projects, GPT-Trainer can connect you with knowledgeable industry specialists across ecommerce, transportation, real estate, software, healthcare, and education. Companies implementing GPT-Trainer have reported upwards of 32% increase in effective lead capture through chatbots compared to traditional methods like static web forms. Chatbot self-service resolution rate can go up as high as 73% accompanied by a 50% reduction in average time-to-resolution.

GPT-trainer is open to the general public. To try it out, new users simply have to create an account. Users can then upload their training data and immediately start customizing the chatbot's behavior and appearance, including brand-specific adaptations. Simple chatbots can be made in just minutes.

When asked about data security practices, CEO Hunter Zhao responds, "We are enterprise-ready. Our platform is SOC II and ISO 27001 certified. We will be fully compliant with GDPR by June 2024." Additionally, Mr. Zhao highlighted the company's dedication to data privacy, underscoring its commitment to secure and responsible AI development. GPT-trainer is fully aligned with OpenAI's enterprise data protection policies and will never use uploaded data for large language model (LLM) training or fine-tuning purposes.

Alongside the launch, GPT-Trainer is offering a free commercial license program designed to enable AI professionals, consultancies, and freelancers to whitelabel the platform and expand their existing product offerings. The initiative empowers these groups to leverage GPT-Trainer's technology and deploy sophisticated AI solutions for their clients, fostering new opportunities for revenue generation and service enhancement. The partnership operates on a revenue-sharing basis, and participants retain up to 85% of the revenue from their sales. Details can be found on GPT-trainer's website or by contacting

As the landscape of digital technology evolves, GPT-Trainer's latest offering advances its position as a key pioneer in the industry, making it possible for agencies to create powerful conversational AI technology for their clients.

Visit the official website of GPT-trainer ( for any media or commercial inquiries or contact the team at

About Company:
GPT-trainer simplifies the process of AI chatbot creation and integration. The company is offering innovative solutions for businesses seeking to enhance their customer service and operational efficiency. With its pioneering LLM-native multi-Agent AI chatbot framework, GPT-trainer provides a versatile platform for no-code / low-code development. GPT-trainer is a Boston-based company founded in 2023 by Caltech and MIT graduates.

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