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EDGE® Is A New Scientific Breakthrough In Athletic Performance

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EDGE® Is A New Scientific Breakthrough In Athletic Performance
Despite billions invested in outsole technology, even the best sneaker soles begin to harden and lose grip as soon as they leave the assembly. EDGE®’s newly released spray formula instantly makes athletic sneaker outsoles soles more grippy to provide athletes with enhanced agility, footwork, and safety activity.

New York, NY - November 27, 2023 - EDGE®’s launch of their innovative non-slip traction spray for sneakers is already proving to be a game-changer in the athletics space. With NIL deals across a number of sports, a recent partnership with USA Fencing, and several more partnerships in the works, EDGE® is graduating from an under-the-radar product to the cool new athletic performance accessory that top college and high school athletes are buzzing about.

The arms race in athletics has been heating up over the past decade and the sneaker outsole has taken center stage. With thousands of new athletic sneaker SKUs launching each year and billions invested in outsole innovation, athletes are fueling a market nearing $200B globally. 

Despite the increasing investment in footwear performance, NBA players are still swapping in new sneakers up to four times per game for optimal grip. Alongside the boost in performance and footwork comes injury protection, which is arguably even more important. 

But what if you could safely enhance your outsoles like the pros, without having to swap in new sneakers at an unreasonable rate? That’s where EDGE’s sneaker grip spray comes into play. 

EDGE® works by instantly enhancing athletic sneaker outsoles, leading to a proven 25% improvement in grip and agility during athletic activity. Since the formula is designed to dry in seconds, athletes can just spray each sole the recommended three to five times right before starting practice or the big game. A single application of EDGE® will last for the whole game but respraying during breaks will help to maximize grip intensity.

The formula is non-toxic, safe to use indoors, and will never damage your shoes or the court. EDGE® comes in a portable 2 oz. bottle that lasts for about 50 sessions of athletic activity.

"I sprayed my Lebron X's and immediately noticed a difference. They're brand new, so I was really surprised. Pretty crazy!" said Andre Haykal, one of EDGE®'s early customers.

While EDGE®’s formula was originally designed for basketball athletes, there’s been a great deal of early interest for boxing, dance, pickleball, rock climbing, racquetball, squash, futsal, floor hockey, volleyball, and fencing as well. The product works best on smooth indoor athletic surfaces such as hardwood floors, wrestling mats, and boxing rings.

What sets EDGE®’s formula apart is its mechanism of action. Most anti-slip sprays are adhesive, leading to dust and debris pickup from the court. Instead, EDGE® works by instantly being absorbed into the rubber of your shoe soles, enhancing them to be inherently more grippy.

“Our goal with EDGE® is to maximize athletes’ confidence and peace of mind. We’ll make sure you have optimal grip, safety, and agility so that you can just focus on your game. That’s what we’re all about,” Zach Keck, EDGE®’s CEO recently said.

The USA Fencing partnership has been especially exciting for the company. Within an hour of the press release, they sold out of all available inventory. “We love the enthusiasm we’ve seen in some of the more niche sports,” Keck commented. “[It] blew us away how supportive the fencing market was. It's well-known that there hasn’t been a great solution for the grip problem there, until now.”

In advance of hitting the store shelves in 2024, you can currently order at

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