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Maximizing Business Potential with the LEGO® Serious Play® Method

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A revolutionary method that leverages the universal appeal of LEGO bricks for professional problem-solving, strategic planning, and team development.

Imagine transforming mundane meetings into dynamic, creative hubs! That's the power of the LEGO Serious Play process, a revolutionary method that leverages the universal appeal of LEGO bricks for professional problem-solving, strategic planning, and team development.

Why should you be a trained facilitator in this methodology – let’s explore further.

Background to the LEGO Serious Play Method

The LEGO Serious Play process is more than just a set of activities to play with LEGO bricks - it's a sophisticated and powerful process developed to enhance innovation and business performance.

Originating from the playful spirit of LEGO, this method has evolved into a respected tool across industries, facilitating communication and building connections between teams, problem-solving, and strategy development.

By constructing metaphorical models of their organizational experiences using LEGO bricks, participants express ideas and explore various aspects of their work in a collaborative and engaging environment.

For more details, read here:

Benefits of using the LEGO Serious Play Methodology in Business Contexts

These LEGO bricks aren't just the basis for some type of communication activity. They are in fact used by participants, both online and in-person, to build metaphorical models in response to challenge questions.

The method follows a structured process that has these advantages:Enhanced Creativity and Innovation:

In a world where innovative thinking is key, the LEGO Serious Play process encourages participants to express complex ideas through 3D models.

Improved Communication:
This method breaks down communication barriers, encouraging open dialogue and a deeper understanding among team members.

Improved Ways to Connect with Students:
The LEGO Serious Play method is catching on with students and academics around the world. It's a way of learning how to be part of a business environment even when studying. Read her for a detailed case study:

Why Become a Trained Facilitator in the LEGO Serious Play MethodProfessional Development:
As a certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator, you elevate your professional skills to guide teams through this innovative process.

Market Demand:
There is a growing demand for skilled facilitators who can effectively implement the LEGO Serious Play method in various organizational settings.

Impact on Workshops and Meetings:
Transform standard meetings into more engaging and productive sessions, ensuring a memorable and impactful experience for participants.

How to Get Trained
Various facilitator training programs are available for those interested in becoming LEGO Serious Play certified facilitators: link to our landing page.

The certification process typically involves experiential learning in how to apply this process and understanding the methodology's principles and learning how to apply them effectively in real-world scenarios.

Final Thoughts - Create a Sustainable Business!

LEGO Serious Play is not just a method - it's a journey towards unlocking potential, creativity, and strategic insights in a professional setting.

By becoming a trained facilitator, you become an essential catalyst in this transformative process.

The power to innovate, communicate and solve problems creatively is in your hands – are you ready to build the future?

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