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How a businessperson can self-motivate in challenging circumstances – Advice from Evgeny Renge

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"What are your choices when someone holds a gun to your head? You do what they say or they shoot you, right? Wrong! You take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one. Or, you call their bluff. Or, you do any one of 146 other things.," encouraged the legendary Harvey Specter. Suggestions from Evgeny Renge, an entrepreneur in the coal and mining engineering sector, can help you arm yourself with an "even bigger gun".

In recent years, Russian businesses have encountered a series of entirely new challenges — from compulsory technological transformation of operations to disruptions in supply and complications in dealings with overseas partners. Entrepreneurs are finding solutions to these emerging problems with varying degrees of success.

What motivates them? How can one compel oneself to combat the stubborn market conditions during periods of intense transformation? These are the questions that confront budding entrepreneurs.

If you're just starting on your entrepreneurial journey, you'll could probably benefit from some advice. To assist you, I've outlined ten methods to remain motivated as an entrepreneur.

1. Set personal goals

Of course, you've launched your business with specific business objectives in mind. The issue is that you've likely overlooked setting personal goals as well. Recall the reasons why you became an entrepreneur, write them down, and keep them somewhere visible. Revisit your "pledges" whenever you feel your motivation waning.

2. Draw inspiration from success stories

There are thousands, if not millions, of success stories of entrepreneurs from all walks of life in the real world. Use their experiences as a source of motivation and, most importantly, as learning opportunities. If there's a specific problem you need to overcome, see how others have tackled it in the past.

3. Study literature and engage with the market

Reading can be an excellent way to temporarily immerse yourself in another world and acquire new skills. People who read a lot are generally better at focusing and solving problems in innovative and creative ways.

Utilize professional communities, digital libraries, and audiobooks, and subscribe to relevant Telegram channels. Participate in online debates, taking note of emerging insights. Sometimes a chat dispute can lead to an unexpected solution to your own problems or allow you to share your experience with peers, which can also serve as motivation for new accomplishments.

4. Maintain a healthy daily regimen

Stress is unavoidable, so it's essential to learn how to manage it. Proper diet and physical activity are necessities in your life if you aim to remain competitive over the long haul. Taking care of yourself and your body helps offset the stresses that inevitably build up during daily activities.

5. Keep track of your schedule

To have a productive day, it's important to start it correctly. Create a to-do list for the day right after you wake up, take a shower, and have breakfast.

Aim to have three-quarters of the list items related to business and one-quarter to personal matters. This way you'll be able to stay focused and well-organized.

6. Set reminders

Maintaining focus can be challenging even with a list of objectives. To prevent frustration and loss of motivation, set reminders for crucial stages of your workday.

7. Draw energy from simple pleasures

In setting priorities, don't limit your focus to direct duties only. Participating in additional training and motivational practices can also foster entrepreneurial success. During your leisure time, consider watching an inspiring movie or listening to podcasts or even your favorite tunes. Humming "Eye of the Tiger" on your commute to work could provide a day-long energy boost.

8. Prioritize quality sleep

Many believe that fulfilling business tasks justifies an all-nighter at the office. However, sleep deprivation can rob you of focus and motivation for much longer than the time needed to complete a single, albeit urgent, task.

It's essential to get sufficient sleep to effectively carry out all your entrepreneurial duties. By postponing tasks and getting some rest, you'll be able to accomplish things twice as quickly the following day.

9. Embrace motivation from loved ones

The most effective motivation often comes from the support of friends and family. They'll be there to lift your spirits when you're down, celebrate your achievements, and provide encouragement during tough times.

Your close ones and partners can also provide a much-needed "push" when circumstances demand it. Moreover, a bit of healthy competition with colleagues can be beneficial.

10. Reward yourself

Reward yourself for well-executed work as a form of self-encouragement. Regardless of their size, victories are significant milestones on the path to business success. A dinner at a fancy restaurant, a vacation, or simply catching up with old friends can serve as incentives for even more diligent work.

Lastly, always keep in mind the reason why you embarked on this journey. This is the primary key to staying motivated as an entrepreneur. Strive to maintain a positive attitude and use the tools mentioned above. They will assist you in managing your workload and achieving your objectives. And remember that while the secret to success lies within you, you should always pursue the wisdom of others to unlock your true potential.

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