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7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Video Production Company

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Video Production CompanyPhoto from Unsplash

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If you’re not focusing on video content creation, you’re missing a major opportunity to connect with your customers.  Over half of consumers are asking for more videos from businesses they like or have an interest in.

Does that mean that you should grab a camera and start filming? Probably not. While you are the expert on what your business has to offer, you may not have the expertise required to create high-quality video content.

That’s where a great video production company comes in. Whether you simply need access to space, equipment, and a little bit of guidance or a 100% hands-on partnership, there’s a video production company out there that is perfect for you.

How can you find the right one? Read on for seven questions to ask a video production company before signing on the dotted line.

1. What Services Do You Provide?

This is, perhaps, the most important question to ask a video production company before agreeing to work with them. Do they offer the services that you actually need, or are they going to fall short of your expectations?

A full-service video production company should offer services ranging from pre-production, like script writing and concept development, to media training to, of course, videography and post-production.

What if you don’t need the full list of services that a video production company offers? Ask about that, too. A great video production company will craft unique-to-you contracts that include only those services that you need, even if that only means offering their studio.

2. Do You Have a Studio We Can Use?

Speaking of studios, does your video production company have one? Many people who aren’t familiar with video content underestimate the importance of setting. Where you film will impact everything from lighting to sound, and a high-quality facility will maximize the overall quality of your video.

Unless it’s crucial to your content, don’t hire a film crew to come into your office or storefront. Find a video production company that can provide you with a great place to film and produce your video.

3. Do You Do Field Work?

What if you’re looking for a video production company to come out and film or live-stream an event that you’re hosting? What if you do want to produce an advertisement that showcases your storefront?

If you’re looking for on-site filming outside of a studio, make sure that you ask the video production company if that’s something that they offer. Some only film in-studio, where their equipment is already set up and ready to go.

4. Can I See Samples of Your Work?

When you’re getting ready to hire a creative company to produce professional video content, you should ensure that their work aligns with your vision and that it is, in fact, professional. Never simply take their word for it that they’re going to come up with something that suits your goals.

Ask to see samples of their work. Reels, original programs, and archived live streams will give you a better sense of what a video production company can accomplish than simply reading about their services or listening to their pitch.

5. How Much Will My Video Cost?

Perhaps one of the biggest issues that companies encounter when looking for a video production company is cost. The truth is that high-quality video production services, even when you’re asking for the bare minimum, do cost money. While you don’t need to go with the company that charges the most, you don’t want to go with the company that charges the least and, in turn, produces subpar content.

That said, only you can determine how much money you have to spend on your video content. After you’ve discussed the services you’ll require and the vision you have for your video, make sure to ask for an estimate. If that estimate is way outside of your budget, it’s time to keep looking.

6. How Long Will My Video Take to Complete?

How long your video will take to complete will depend on a number of factors, regardless of the video production company you choose to work with. For example, if you’re coming in without a plan and partnering with the company to start from scratch, that’s going to take additional time.

However, you want to go in with realistic expectations about when your video will be complete. This is also an opportunity to enquire about the video production company’s process. Will they devote the next few weeks to your video, specifically, or will they take breaks to work on other projects?

Remember, the earlier you can get started on a video content idea, the better. If you’re hoping to churn out promotional content for an event that’s happening next week, it may be too late to create professional video content.

7. What Kind of Experience Do You Bring to the Table?

There are a lot of reasons why any marketing campaign can fail, ranging from an unclear message to a weak call to action. A video production company with the right experience can prevent your video from making these mistakes.

Find out how long a video production company has been in business. Ask about when their equipment was last updated, who will be working on your project, and what kind of professional and creative background they’re bringing to the table.

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