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A New Approach to Chronic Care Management

A New Approach to Chronic Care ManagementPhoto from Unsplash

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Living with a chronic condition can be daunting, not just for patients but also for their loved ones. Juggling doctor’s appointments, managing medications, and navigating complex healthcare systems can leave families feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn.

Chronic Care Management (CCM) offers a beacon of hope and support during these difficult times. CCM goes beyond traditional one-size-fits-all healthcare. It recognizes that each individuals journey with a chronic condition is unique and takes a holistic view to address all of a patient’s care needs.

Accuhealth elevates this standard with a concierge-level CCM program. The robust solution provides patient care coordination, daily health and preventative medical assessments, and a 24/7/365 English- and Spanish-speaking clinical care team is available to them.

For families navigating the complexities of chronic care, Accuhealth’s personalized approach to CCM offers more than just medical benefits. It provides invaluable peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are receiving the highest quality care.

Accuhealth’s innovative approach to CCM represents the future of chronic care management. By prioritizing personalization, Accuhealth is not only improving the lives of individuals living with chronic conditions but also transforming the healthcare landscape for the better.

Chronic Care Management 101

The United States is facing an unprecedented change in the healthcare landscape. Officials estimate that the number of people in the United States aged

from 137.25 million in 2020 to 221.13 million in 2050. Of that population, the number with at least one chronic disease is estimated to increase by 99.5% from 71.522 million in 2020 to 142.66 million by 2050.

As an increasing number of individuals manage one or more long-term chronic conditions, CCM has emerged as a vital tool for optimizing patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. At its core, this model of care shifts the focus from reactive treatment to preventive management.

Defining Chronic Care Management

CCM goes beyond traditional healthcare by

for individuals living with two or more chronic conditions expected to last at least a year. This team-based approach often involves a doctor, nurse, care manager, and other healthcare professionals, who work collaboratively to develop and implement a customized care plan for each patient.

This plan not only lists a patient’s health problems, but also includes medications, services, and other information that can be beneficial to managing their chronic conditions. Chronic conditions often require additional care beyond regular doctor’s visits. CCM, with its proactive, sustainable approach to care, is key to improving health outcomes for the aging population and providing families with the support they need.

Benefits of Chronic Care Management Programs

CCM programs are a collaborative effort between the healthcare team, patients, and their loved ones. Through teamwork, patients, families, and the healthcare system as a whole can reap the  many benefits of this program.

Improve Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction

CCM helps patients better manage their chronic conditions, in large part by providing education to the patient about their conditions. This can lead to improved symptom control and reduced risks of hospitalization. By some estimates, the

has guided quality improvement in healthcare for almost two decades. This individualized support tailored to a patient’s specific needs and goals ensures care needs are constantly being met, effectively reducing the need for hospitalization. ER visits and inpatient treatment are not only costly but can be detrimental to patient health.

Long inpatient visits can worsen patient outcomes as they disrupt sleep schedules and lead to many patients losing weight and muscle mass. This is especially true among elderly populations that experience

which leads to readmission at higher rates. While these visits are necessary to provide urgent care, oftentimes they are preventable. CCM offers a patient-centered, disease management approach which translates to a higher quality of life and increased sense of well-being among patients.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs are rapidly increasing. For patients with chronic conditions, these costs are even more drastic. According to the most recent numbers, healthcare coverage costs for people with a

To put that in perspective, that is five times higher than for those without such a condition. These costs can be a burden for patients and families alike. CCM prioritizes proactive care which can lead to fewer ER visits, hospitalizations, and other costly healthcare interventions to ease these expenses.

Enhance Patient Wellbeing

Healthcare, especially for chronic conditions, should extend long after an appointment. CCM programs often include medication management assistance to help patients stay on track with medications and avoid potential side effects.

Education and coordination go hand in hand at Accuhealth. Regular monitoring and communication with a compassionate and knowledgeable care team allow for timely adjustments to a patient’s treatment plan, preventing complications from getting worse.

Peace of Mind for Loved Ones

Knowing a family member has dedicated support and guidance from a compassionate care team can provide loved ones with significant peace of mind. At the same time, a CCM program also helps alleviate the financial and emotional burden of being a caregiver. As stated before, these programs can drastically reduce healthcare costs.

They also provide practical assistance and education on how families can be there in the best way for patients. This can include emotional support, such as connecting families to support groups or other community resources that can be beneficial.

Perhaps most important, however, is how CCM can facilitate better communication across a care community, creating an open line of communication between patients, their loved ones, and their entire care team. This ensures everyone is on the same page regarding a treatment plan and enables the types of consistent care that chronic conditions require.

How Accuhealth Approaches CCM

In the crowded landscape of CCM programs, Accuhealth stands out by prioritizing quality of care over quantity of visits. This patient-centric approach that focuses on

sets them apart from the industry standard.

Lower Caseloads

At the end of the day, many CCM programs are driven by numbers. There’s an expectation to see a certain number of patients a day to meet quotas. Accuhealth champions smaller caseloads so that each patient receives dedicated attention and individualized care. This gives way to longer, more meaningful interactions that go beyond simply checking boxes. Patients truly connect and build trust with the Accuhealth team, improving their experience.

This trust also goes a long way to enhancing health outcomes. Oftentimes, patients may open up about symptoms or have questions they have not brought up with their doctor. They trust the Accuhealth team for the proper support and can have their concerns addressed right away rather than waiting for their next appointment.

Value and Quality Driven

As stated before, Accuhealth’s commitment goes beyond just meeting the quota. Their focus is on delivering the best possible care for each patient, driving positive health outcomes and improved quality of life. This value-based approach ensures resources are invested in interventions that truly make a difference.

This commitment to quality extends beyond what is traditionally included in a CCM program. With Accuhealth, patients can expect concierge care coordination, preventative medical assessments, a 24/7/365 clinical care team available to them, intimate health coaching, and motivation. Telemedicine and

including psychological monitoring, are also offered so patients can be empowered to manage their chronic conditions from the comfort of their homes.

The team at Accuhealth also goes above and beyond to meet the needs of patients. The concierge-level service extends to assisting patients with finding affordable medication, counseling services, and even food assistance depending on their needs. CCM is never a one-size-fits-all solution, and at Accuhealth it is never treated as such.

Patient-First Scheduling

Accuhealth schedules visits based on individual patient needs, not rigid schedules. While there are certainly always follow-up visits and yearly physicals every patient should go to, those with chronic conditions often require more frequent, flexible medical appointments. Accuhealth is available to patients when they need it most, not just when the calendar dictates. This is a key factor in providing proactive healthcare and is crucial for managing chronic conditions effectively.

High Adherence Rates

The proof speaks for itself: Accuhealth boasts an impressive 86% adherence rate among patients. Their personalized approach to CCM ensures patients continuously receive the care they need beyond a doctor’s office. This translates to better-controlled chronic conditions and fewer complications – which in turn reduces the risk of hospitalizations.

At Accuhealth healthcare is about building relationships, not racking up numbers. By prioritizing quality interactions and a patient-centric approach, Accuhealth is truly delivering what a CCM program should be, a collaborative journey toward optimal health outcomes for individuals living with chronic conditions.

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