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Organic AG Products Advocates for the Use of Organic Fertilizers for Sustainability

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Organize AG Products is a leading company advocating for the use of organic farming products. In a recent update, the company outlined some of the benefits of using organic fertilizers for sustainability goals.

Grande, CA – September 20, 2021 – Organic AG Products, in a website post, is advocating for the use of organic fertilizers.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are gaining more and more popularity amongst consumers in the horticultural sector. There are multiple advantages of organic fertilizers. These fertilizers are entirely built from natural raw materials of plant or animal origin. The most significant difference with chemical fertilizers is that organic fertilizers improve the soil’s health and condition, increasing fertility.

The use of these fertilizers leads to an augmentation of micro-biologic activity in the soil. Organisms break down organic fertilizers into humic acid and amino acids. During this process, oxygen is needed, and the air is drawn, aerating the soil structure. Due to this combination, prosperous, healthy soil with good biodiversity is created. Because of this, the plant can get enough nutrients and humidity from the soil, resulting in a healthy crop with high resistance to diseases and pests.

Another advantage of organic fertilizers from Organic Ag Products is that the nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) are supplied more gradually than chemical fertilizers. This is because organic fertilizers only provide nutrients when bacteria break down the fertilizer pellets. A longer availability of the nutrients can be seen as a result of this, which brings a lower risk of leaching and burning the roots, which could happen with excessive use of chemical fertilizers.

Although organic fertilizer can be costlier than synthetic, it can reduce the need for pesticides and the overall nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium requirements. Because of the reductions, organic fertilizer can be cost neutral and sometimes cost savings. Organic fertilizer also builds healthy soil and helps combat soil and land issues, such as erosion.

Organic fertilizer encourages biodiversity. In general, the more biodiversity there is on a farm, the more stable the farm is. The organic farm promotes healthy biodiversity, which plays a critical role in how resilient a farm is to issues like bad weather, disease, and pests. Additionally, reduced biodiversity may directly correlate with a rise in infectious diseases, which of course, isn’t good for people or the planet.

Organic farming with these fertilizers helps preserve more natural habitat areas and encourages birds and other natural predators to live happily on farmland, assisting in natural pest control. Additionally, animals who live on organic farms are exposed to clean, chemical-free grazing that helps keep them naturally healthy and resistant to illness. As an added perk for organic farmers, happy and healthy animals are productive animals. ​

About Organic AG Products

Organic Ag Products strive to provide quality, safe and successful products for all aspects of organic crop production. They have developed a suite of products to cover all of the needs in an Organic Farming system. The Fertilizer blends are all based on their flagship product, Pure Protein Dry, 15-1-1. This is a Fish Protein Hydrolysate that is 100% water-soluble and immediately available to the plant.

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