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Multi-purpose Magnets Making Life Convenient And Easy

If you are looking for a simple, cheap, yet totally smart product for your small kitchen,  then you must buy a magnetic hook for the fridge instantly and hang it on the side of  your fridge. Magnetic hooks hit that hard-to-find kitchen solution sweet spot: they’re  cheap, renter-friendly, make use of an otherwise under-utilized space (the side of the  fridge), and most importantly, will make your kitchen a little neater. It will help to hang  things like a towel or extra kitchen clothes on it. Now, free up more wall and bulletin  board space by storing materials on metal filing cabinets and other magnetic surfaces.  These hooks are a strong magnet set that can be used on any magnetic surface to hold  your grill tongs and other cookware.  

Whereas plastic magnetic hooks are heavy-duty hooks for Kitchen, Home, Cruise,  Workplace, Office, Garage, etc. These hooks allow for instant hanging of items  against a ferrous surface, whether this is a fridge, magnetic whiteboard, or  magnet paint! The stylish clips and hooks offer convenience in hanging up  signs, notices, and photos that can be updated with ease, and promptly. These  hooks are made from high-quality materials and each includes a super-strong 

neodymium magnet. These hooks are perfect for hanging items on a  noticeboard or fridge, or for hanging the office’s Christmas decorations.  These plastic-covered magnets incorporate a swivel hook which makes them ideal for  hanging everyday items such as towels, clothing, and tools. The white magnetic  hook is great for use on metal shelving in shops, garages, or your home! It is easy to  use, just stick it on. Coated with white enamel paint, these hooks are versatile for shops,  offices, schools, and homes. While samarium cobalt pot magnet or SmCO magnet is  one kind of rare earth magnet made from Samarium, Cobalt, Iron, Zirconium, etc. which  was developed in the early 1970s. There are first-generation rare earth magnets.

The  half-finished products of Samarium cobalt magnets are made from raw materials by  powder metallurgy technology, including melting, casting, crushing, milling, pressing,  and sintering, then they are made into finished products by Mag processing equipment.  This usually does not need a coating to protect them from environment-induced  corrosion because of the content high percentage of cobalt metals which allows for  more accurate tolerances and simplifies use. Also, they do not need to apply the coating  with higher resistance temperature ratings, higher coerciveness, and excellent corrosion  resistance. These samarium cobalt magnets are commonly used in high-performance  motors, magnetic couplings, magnetic separators, sensor controls, oil pumps, and other  equipment whose performance is required to be consistent with temperature change or  under easy corrosion circumstances. Our magnetic clips are commonly used in  warehouses, workshops, and restaurants to hang documents, inventories, and  paperwork against a steel surface. 

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