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Creating a recession-proof self-sustainable home & life (no matter what is going on in the economy)

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How homeowners who desire to create freedom and break free of the system are missing this one thing, explains Bret James of PermaResilience

The world has not been the same since 2020. People have experienced a pandemic, lockdowns, supply and food shortages, looming war, and political division in such a short time.

And what is currently on most people's minds is a recession draining bank accounts, massive inflation causing pain at the pump and grocery store, a bear market decimating portfolios, and jobs being on the line.

Many are wondering what they can do to better position themselves for turbulent times. So it's no wonder the idea of breaking free of the system, or "exiting The Matrix", has become a more common conversation.

People are realizing that they want to gain more control over their money, freedom, health, food security, and even sustainablity.

But what can be done?

For some, the solution lies in exiting the rat race without even leaving their neighborhoods - or homes.

They are creating lives, and homes, that are more self-sustainable by doing things like growing food, raising small animals like chickens, adding solar power, and collecting rainwater - essentially creating mini "modern homesteads".

But there is a big mistake that many people make, preventing them from ever having any degree of self-sustainability, and therefore independence.

It is the mistaken thought that creating a life that is freer, and self-sustainable requires living fully off-grid on 100 acres in the middle of the woods (though that can't hurt).

When the truth is, a homeowner with even a small backyard in a suburban area can convert their landscape (and home), into a thriving and abundant modern homestead with gardens, fruit trees, and much more.

That productive yard and home, now growing food and producing resources, can also be monetized as a side hustle - be it growing micro-greens to sell or becoming a content creator online and creating income streams with that knowledge.

Suddenly, by shifting to a more self-sustainable life, a person has created a more recession-proof life.

Imagine how it would feel if your home and landscape suddenly stopped draining your bank account, and instead began to fill it; while providing incredible home-grown organic foods.

Imagine how much better you might sleep at night, knowing your family is taken care of as you have a garden growing, a pantry stocked and water stored up.

That is exactly why many people are placing more importance on shifting their priorities and time toward creating a more self-sustainable life.

And it's not all or nothing when it comes to building this type of life and landscape - it's about small and consistent changes over time.

So, how do you start?

For most people, this begins with gaining the necessary knowledge and skills required, such as growing a garden or preserving food.

You can learn these essential and necessary skills from Bret James, who teaches people across the world how to turn their homes and yards into modern Holistic Homesteads.

His business, PermaResilience, has a unique low-work approach for busy people to create modern and effortless Holistic Homesteads without taking too much time or money.

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