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Introducing SOPO the Frog: Eco-Friendly, Organic & Natural Personal Care Products for Kids and Adults Alike

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Edward Goldfarb, a former Navy Fighter Pilot and advertising executive believes, "Someday all personal care products will come in SOPO Dispensers", says Edward Goldfarb, CEO of SOPO Dispenenser Corporation and inventor of the SOPO (Stick On Pull Off) Dispenser. SOPO looks like a regular squeeze tube bottle, but that's where any similarity end. The tube attaches to the bath or shower wall by an adhesive strip on the back of the tube. The SOPO Dispenser will stay firmly attached until it's easily pulled off without leaving any residue. A twist of the cap opens a valve, allowing the contents to flow out when the front of the tube is pushed. According to the tube manufacturer, their cap is also patented.  

"SOPO is going to change the way consumers want their personal care products delivered because SOPO not only offers crazy bathing convenience, but it is eco-friendly, containing much less plastic than bottles and it is recycable", continues Goldfarb. The Utility Patent on the tube was granted for the innovative and unique way the SOPO squeeze tube / package attaches to the bath or shower. The SOPO Dispenser also functions as a tranditional countertop bottle, but works best as intended, a convenient and hands-free delivery system for personal care products. 

For 51 years ideas came and went to Goldfarb, a former Navy fighter pilot, until the brief second in 2016 when a "Flash of Genius" finally hit him. Goldfarb was picking up a shampoo bottle to put the contents in the shampoo compartment of the hard plastic dispenser he had permanently attached to the shower wall. "Why can't the shampoo package (bottle) be turned upside down, stuck to the shower wall and dispense the shampoo?", thought Goldfarb and in that instant SOPO was born. Today, seven years of R&D and a Utility Patent later, the first product, Sopo the Frog for children, is finally going to "hatch" on e-commerce platforms this April. Following a successful launch of the children's product, Goldfarb has a full line of adult products ready to manufacture and come on the market.

SOPO's first product will be marketed under the brand, Sopo the Frog. "We are launching the children's product first because today's parents want safe and reliable products for their children, while also wanting products that are eco-friendly. Children will love Sopo the Frog because she's sooooo much fun to take a bath with." Just as important as the innovative and patented dispenser, Sopo the Frog's 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash also has the highest concentration of organic (52%) and natural (98%) ingredients possible. According to Goldfarb, "Our children's formula has to be safer and better than any other children's personal care product on the market." Goldfarb rejected six formulas from two labs before Private Label Skin Care created a perfect and safest formula that worked with Sopo's unique center opening cap. The rich 'n creamy formula remains in the dispenser, even if left in the open position and easily flows out when light pressure is applied to Sopo the Frog's belly button. According to the lab, "If we pushed the organic and natural envelope any harder, performance would be sacrificed."  

Unlike other dispensers requiring the consumer to shake the bottle to get the last 10% out of it, SOPO Dispensers are gravity fed and 100% of the contents is usable without having to shake out that last dollops. Once the Dispenser is empty a raspberry sound is heard. 

Goldfarb, has also written a children's book, "Sopo Hatches." The book will be used as a promotional item for the first orders. "Sopo Hatches", tells about Sopo the Frog's life cycle from egg to tadpole to frog. It also talks to children about, education, listening to their parents, being nice to friends, the importance of  good hygiene and taking care of the Earth.

Before moving forward on the children's product Goldfarb did extensive research on competition, "I didn't see any other products even close to Sopo the Frog's in safety and quality, let alone our cute Frog Dispenser. It took over two years to source, find, select and nail down the supply chain. Because it is organic and natural, the cost will be higher than the brands that don't offer our safety, but we are selling in units of three to keep the retail cost as low as possible for an organic and natural product offering our safe ingredients."

Goldfarb a successful Realtor, former Naval Aviator, he was director of advertising and sales promotion for SuperValu Stores and Jewel-Osco where. in additional to advertising responsibilities, he was a buyer of promotional products. He also held the same position with  AutoZone.

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