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Handuk R-FECO Responds To The Environment With Advanced Heat Treatment Technology

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Leading energy conservation and manufacture of waste heat treatment machine.

Annual revenue of 69 trillion. ExxonMobil, a U.S. energy company announced in early 2023, has made headlines for its record-high performance on fossil fuels. Ironically, the influence of the old energy industry, finite and limited to humanity, remains in the reality of the great demand and longing for new environments and clean energy. Human safety and sustainable survival keywords are climate change, atmospheric setting, carbon neutrality, energy saving, renewable energy, and natural resources. The paradigm for the environment and the future is changing. Accurate understanding and countermeasures for energy use and reduction have already been actively discussed among various groups and researchers. Research and development in primary technology fields are underway in the industry to support this. As individual perceptions of a clean life spread beyond the giant discourse, the desire to improve wetness and environment brought insight into all choices. Producers providing food, devices, and systems grappled with the environment and future values. Most of the deliverables of devices and methods for a safe future are supplied through the plant. After all, plant competitiveness is the key to paradigm change. It is the study and improvement of the plant's devices and systems, the first space in reducing pollution and saving energy.

Handuk R-FECO is a  small and medium-sized company specializing in designing and manufacturing advanced energy-saving industrial furnaces, heat treatment, reactors, and waste heat recovery devices among numerous plant facilities. The  business area is expanding to manufacturing industries for nonferrous metals, glass, secondary batteries, and environmental materials. Handuk R-FECO is already recognized for its technological prowess, with the most significant supply performance to domestic and foreign steel pipe companies and auto parts makers. Recently, the LOW NOx combustion system has been preemptively applied to domestic and foreign air environment regulations. The SCR system is also selectively applied. Heat treatment is critical for mass production and high quality of various parts, from automobile parts to mechanical components. It exports heat treatment furnaces of high-carbon precision steel pipes, essential elements of automobiles, to China, Southeast Asia, India, and Iran for brazing high-pressure steel pipes.

Jang Geun-soo, CEO of Handuk R-FECO, explains. "Now, the ranking of advanced countries is measured by the number of technology patents in each country. Now, Korea is evolving toward the world's standards after passing the era of technology entry. One basis for technological competitiveness is the number of standard patents held in each country. Most are limited to the general public's interest in the original technology. However, technology-intensive companies are interested in the figures released by the three major international standardization organizations ISO, IEC, and ITU. Handuk R-FECO Korea has accumulated technology for over 30 years by sticking to pure domestic technology with researchers from its establishment. It has more than 300 units of supply. It is a great reward for engineers and researchers to be recognized for our technology as a patent for manufacturing with 13 specialized heat treatments. In addition, customer satisfaction through quality-first technology research, productivity improvement, and cost reduction is the basis of our company's growth. We     hope that 2023 will be the first year for Handuk R-FECO to establish a cultural identity with added future, nature, empathy, and growth in a technology-oriented company. 'Beyond the Technology. “Through the new marketing, we plan to focus on issues and solidarity that can grow with our customers and contribute to society. Please support the sincerity of Handuk R-FECO through various channels."

*Reference: The U.S. ranked first in terms of national standard patent holdings, followed by Japan, Finland, France, Germany, and S.Korea with 391 in sixth place (Reference: Patent Office as of December 2020)

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Address:69, Barangongdan-ro 1-gil, Hyangnam
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