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LaSean Shelton: The Hope DealHER No One Knew They Needed

By: Issuewire
LaSean Shelton

Inspiring Change Through Literature and Life Lessons

New York City, New York Feb 23, 2024 ( - In the ever-evolving landscape of New York City, LaSean R. Shelton sips on her favorite latte, while taking in the sites, feeling like a tourist due to her move to Maryland full time, Shelton seems to tune out the hustle and bustle and relishes in the memories of those she lost during COVID that walked up and down the busy streets of NY.

With a life as vibrant as turquoise, her grit, and memories of her now Ancestors fuel her imagination, she balances her personal journey of perseverance, self-love, and family dedication into her professional journey. A devoted mother of three, LaSean's narrative transcends her impressive accolades, reflecting the relentless drive required to juggle parenting with a burgeoning career in the creative and educational sectors.

LaSean's literary sanctuary has birthed four solo-authored books (Congratulations! You Just Lost Your JOB, How About a Lifestyle Change, Prerequisite to Adulting, From Fear to Fortune), multiple collaborative works, numerous ghostwriting projects, and three screenplays alongside a TV pilot that's generating buzz for its potential network debut. Her literary achievements have garnered multiple awards, solidifying her esteemed position within the literary community.

"Writing is my refuge, a way to reaffirm my identity and chase my dreams, teaching me the value of persistence, self-compassion, and being a steadfast support for my family," LaSean shares.

Beyond her written contributions, LaSean's impact resonates through the motivational speaking realm, where she's shared stages with luminaries like Les Brown and Dr. Cheryl Wood. Her powerful narratives of hope and resilience captivate a wide audience, encouraging them to overcome adversity and envision a future brimming with promise.

"Every challenge is a stepping stone to rebirth. Self-love lays the groundwork for a fulfilling, purpose-driven life," she asserts, committed to uplifting and transforming lives through her message that a brighter future is within reach with faith and determination.

LaSean R. Shelton epitomizes the spirit of unwavering pursuit, the importance of self-love, and the critical role of family unity. Her dedication to helping others rewrite their stories underscores her character and her tireless mission to foster positive change globally.

With the publication of "Prerequisite to Adulting 101," LaSean addresses a pressing need for comprehensive life skill education in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When asked why would she highlight this book alone, she took another sip and said, "These babies need it now, more than ever" This pioneering guide, enriched with a workbook, syllabus, and lessons aligned with core educational standards, emerges as an essential resource for young adults navigating the transition to independence.

It covers crucial skills from financial literacy to practical daily tasks, aiming to bridge the gap left by traditional educational systems. "This book is a crucial step toward empowering young adults with the skills needed for a seamless transition to adulthood, a mission more critical with more hurdles, barbed-wired, and traps now than ever," LaSean emphasizes.

In an era where educational institutions, families, and individuals are still facing the repercussions of learning disruptions due to COVID-19, "Prerequisite to Adulting 101" stands out as a vital tool. Unlike other adulting classes that offer fragmented knowledge, Shelton's book provides an all-encompassing curriculum.

It includes a workbook, a detailed syllabus, and lessons that adhere to the standards for core content areas and the Common Core. Authored by both a parent and a teacher, it is an ideal resource for parents and teachers aiming to prepare young adults for the challenges of life beyond school.

The transition from high school to the adult world can be daunting for many. Without knowledge of basic yet crucial life skills such as handling disappointment LaSean cites, choosing a career, managing personal finance, or even performing everyday tasks like laundry or cooking, young adults may find themselves at a loss.

"Prerequisite to Adulting 101" seeks to fill these gaps, covering a wide range of topics from financial literacy, including taxes and balancing a checkbook, to practical skills like sewing a button and cooking a meal.

 By addressing the essentials that every young adult should know before turning 21, "Prerequisite to Adulting 101" aims to prevent the sense of unpreparedness that many face when stepping out on their own.

Shelton's dedication to empowering the next generation with the tools and knowledge to thrive as adults is her grit and strong suit. In today's world, where the transition to adulthood is fraught with challenges, "Prerequisite to Adulting 101" serves as an essential guide for schools, families, and individuals. It's time to change the narrative of unprepared adults and set the stage for young adults ages 13-99, everyone can get something out of this book! 

About LaSean R. Shelton: A multifaceted personality based in New York City, LaSean R. Shelton is a dedicated mother, distinguished writer, motivational speaker, and advocate for educational reform.

Her vast oeuvre includes significant literary contributions and a commitment to equipping the next generation with essential life skills. Her favorite endeavor, "Prerequisite to Adulting 101," stands as proof positive to her dedication to preparing young adults for a successful and independent life ahead.

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