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Nelson Jones: A Survivor’s Resilient Journey Spearheading the Fight Against Human Trafficking

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Survivor-turned-activist Nelson Jones, who endured a human trafficking attempt in 2017, is leading the fight against human trafficking through his platform Trafficking Insights to raise awareness and provide hope for survivors.

In 2017, Nelson Jones became a survivor of a human trafficking attempt, an experience that shook him to his core. Instead of succumbing to the trauma, Nelson has emerged as a formidable force in the fight against human trafficking, dedicating his life to activism and awareness. His journey serves as a powerful reminder that this heinous crime can affect anyone, regardless of gender or socioeconomic status.

Nelson, now a resident of Texas, has transformed his painful past into a catalyst for change. He believes that the key to ending human trafficking lies in public awareness and involvement. "Ending human trafficking begins with you. If the public refuses to confront the issue, we turn a blind eye to the enslaved," he emphasizes.

In 2020, Nelson launched Trafficking Insights, a platform aimed at raising awareness and educating the general public. He has organized awareness events in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington, DC, seeking to broaden the scope of understanding about the pervasive issue of human trafficking. Nelson firmly believes that informed individuals are better equipped to combat this crime.

One of Nelson's core messages is the need to dispel misconceptions surrounding human trafficking. According to him, "It's important for the public to know that human trafficking can happen to anyone. It doesn't only affect foreigners, females, and the impoverished. It's harming middle-class families. Your own son or daughter could be a victim one day."

The survivor-turned-activist has also created impactful seminars, delving into subtopics to explore human trafficking in-depth. His latest seminar focused on familial trafficking, shedding light on an often-overlooked aspect of this global problem. What sets Nelson apart is his willingness to share his personal story on human trafficking and the occult. In addition, he has participated in several podcasts, aiming to connect with a wider audience. Through collaboration with nonprofits and fellow survivors, he provides a platform for others to share their thoughts and experiences.

Most recently, Nelson conducted a compelling interview with survivor Christy Leigh to promote her book I Am Her. His efforts extend beyond raising awareness, however. Jones is committed to erasing stigmas and being a source of hope and love for those forced into or affected by prostitution. In his own words, "They are the future of the movement to end human trafficking. Their voices matter."


Nelson's journey from survivor to advocate exemplifies the resilience needed to confront and eradicate human trafficking. His passion, coupled with a determination to educate the public, marks him as a pivotal figure in the ongoing fight against this grave injustice.

Reflecting on his journey, he shares, "I'm glad I was able to turn my experience into something positive. When I escaped my situation, I was filled with pain. I couldn't believe something like that could ever happen to me. It made me think, what about those who don't escape? What about the families missing their lost loved ones? We have to erase the stigmas and be a source of hope and love for those involved or forced into prostitution.”

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